Does negative mean pregnant

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If a pregnancy test comes back negative it means you tested negative for hCG and you are not pregnant. Call 1-800-2ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does negative mean i’m pregnant on a home pregnancy test??
negative= not pregnant positive= pregnant be sure to read the instructions on the pregnancy test package
What does negative on a pregnancy test mean?
it means it either means your not pregnant or not far enough along to detect the pregnancy hormone,a blood test is most accurate
Are you RH negative? What does this mean if your are pregnant, or…?
If the father of your baby is also Rh negative, then the problem doesn’t arise as your baby will also be Rh negative. However, if the father is Rh positive, and your baby is also, you can develop antibodies against your baby’s blood. This u…

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The pregnancy test said negative, but the line was faded. Does that mean I’m not pregnant?
Q: So far I’m a week late from getting my period. I took a pregnancy test where one line means negative and two lines means positive. It showed up as negative but the line was faded. There was no sign of a second line. I just don’t know why it was so faded. Could it be wrong? Am I pregnant?
A: I would try another one. Maybe you didn’t get enough on the stick. If there is a control line which there should be that one should come in fully to know that it worked.. some of them the first line is the control/neg sign and the second means prego. So take another one.
Late on my period, pregnancy test came back negative does that mean I am not pregnant?
Q: Late on my period, pregnancy test came back negative does that mean I am not pregnant?
A: Not necessarily, you need to make sure you take it with your morning pee. Your morning pee has the highest hcg levels in it. Also, don’t use a cheap test. I have had bad experience with cheaper tests. Use a Clear Blue Digital test or a First Response. Go get it tonight and take it first thing in the morning.
what does this mean?…pregnant?
Q: i am now 9 days late and i took a test when i was 5 days late and the test i took, a negative sign meant negative and a plus sign means positive blah blah blah but when i took it, there was an equal sign. and the line above it was really faint, almost couldnt see it. what does this mean? was the test defective? if it matters, it was an Equate EPT. my husband and i have been trying for over a year and are hoping for a baby. i know i should test again but i just dont want to get a negative sign. ~lots of baby dust please!!!~
A: When my friend took and hpt, the line showed up so faint we really didn’t think it was there. She called the doctor and did a blood test and she was. So, no matter how faint a line is, as long as it is there, then big chance your pregnant. Good luck to you.
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