Does Soulja Boy have any kids

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There were rumors the Soulja Boy had gotten a 19 year old girl pregnant but they turned out to be false. He has no children. [ Source: ]
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Does soulja boy have any kids?
There are lots of rumors claiming that Soulja Boy has impregnated someone. The fact is that Soulja Boy currently does NOT have any children.
How many kids does soulja boy have?
soulja boy actually had 3 baby’s one is new born the other one is 1 and last but not least 5 luv ya there name is Jr. Justin and Layla
IS it I set my friends on Fire or Calvary Kids, who did the screa…?
i set my friends on fire the album that song called crank that by the calvary kids the screamo verison of crank that calvary kids did it dose that answers your question?

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Why is Soulja Boy trying to raise my son?
Q: Me and my son are still trying to work things out, but I asked him today what mad him change so much these past few months because this aint the boy I raised. He told me he’s trying to be like the Soulja Boy so he can get the girls to shake the buts on his lap like its a strip club video. Soulja Boy is startin to get on my nerves with this. He had the crank dat song and that was fine but I had no idea he was doin this much stuff. And I don’t see whats so great about degradin women when you 15 years old, I’ve spent 30 years of accuracy trying to be a good father and I’m not going to let Soulja Boy or Sargeant Kid or any other dumbass rapper tryin to tell my son what to do. Stop trying to raise our children Soulja Boy.
A: I hope Soulja Boy reads this… it might knock some sense into him 🙂
kids, teens, adults: WHY do SOME OF YOU listen to soulja boy, gs boys, and new boyz music?
Q: had to ask this again. didnt mean to offend any generations.1. because you think they look good and you dont care how whack their rhymes are?(common reason among females and gay dudes)2. they can rap.3. their music is the best in the world.4. because your a kid and you only listen to music by kids.5. listen to because its popular.i’m just curious to know why. STATE YOU AGE TO!state your age to*
A: 1. they look ridiculous2. they make me chuckle3. when i’m having writers block with my music or poetry, i listen to them and think,”well, it could be worse.” LOL4. i listen to music that dates back to as old as ’30’s. 5. i dont even listen to the radio anymore, if i do, its an all oldies channel. i couldnt care less what is mainstream.
Soulja Boy…..a Movie Star in the future?
Q: Yeah I get tired of the Soulja Boy questions too but this is alittle different…I was watching “Fresh Price Of BelAir” tonight & kinda noticed how Will Smith is alittle like the father of “Fun Rap”. You know…rap made for kids. In a sense I think Soulja Boy is doing the same with himself….maybe it’s not for adults(even tho it’s on channels adults watch)..maybe it’s for the kids & younger teens only.I don’t have Soulja Boy’s album….but I bet none of his songs on his album talks about guns & killing…I really wouldn’t know but that’s my opinion.Anyway…Does anyone think he can follow in Will Smith’s footsteps to being a movie star? I Wouldn’t be surprised if he got an Saturday morning cartoon or sitcom.Then from there he can just do what Will did….play an serious part in any movie just to show how serious he is about acting.It could happen…you never know.I dislike his music but I’ll cheer him on if he’s willing to act(Just as long as he’s not making anymore albums).Ms Ess:…you had to put “Summertime” up there didn’t you?Ok you got an point tho…:P
A: NOOOO Will does not talk about shaking booty meat or ejaculating all over young females and disenagrating or younger youths minds Now think Will Smith”Getiin Jiggy Wit It” to Solja Boy “Supermanin that hoe Hes the reason hip hop is dying while everybody hating on Bow Wow for trying to make a come up, or Chris Brown for dancing around all the time, or even Lil Romeo who we rarely see in the media but has a basket ball scholarship clothing line AND can get back into the game at any choosen time or place. While hes hopping around makin the new dance trends and runnin a muck we got up and comming CEO, Basketball players, Lawyers etc in the making. Thats the positive youth that young black America should be lookin at but they put so much camera time into him that were depicted as he is now thinkg about that
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