Does taking prenatal vitamins make you gain weight if you are not pregnant

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No, prenatal vitamins do not contain anything to make you gain weight. It is a multivitamin formula that usually has plenty of folic acid & iron for a growing baby. Many take them when not pregnant -it is recommended to start them prior to pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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Does taking prenatal vitamins make you gain weight if you are not…?
No, prenatal vitamins do not contain anything to make you gain weight. It is a multivitamin formula that usually has plenty of folic acid & iron for a growing baby. Many take them when not pregnant -it is recommended to start them prior…

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I’m not pregnant yet but am taking prenatal vitamins. I was wondering if the vitamins make you gain weight.
Q: I have been taking them for a over a month now and am feeling like I am putting on some weight. I normally am pretty steady with my weight but lately feel like I have put on a few pounds. I was wondering if the prenatal vitamins could have something to do with it. Anyone out there ever experience this while taking prenatal vitamins?
A: Vitamins wouldn’t do that. Have you been eating junk food in excess, living a sedentary lifestyle, staying up too late, experiencing anxiety or retaining water? Have you recently began taking any new suppliments or medicines? Anti-depressants and birth control pills can often be the culprit of weight gain.
Rude OB-GYN doctor, what should I do?
Q: I found out I was pregnant when I was about 3 months along, and considering it was unexpected, I got scared and wasn’t sure on what to do right away, so I hesitated finding a doctor. I ended up finding a doctor 5 minutes around the corner from my house, which I thought was convenient, BUT, little did I know the problems about to come up….After registering with there office, It took another month and a half to even get my first appointment. I figured I would be fine. I finally got seen 5 months into my pregnancy. I didn’t find this to be too big of a deal, because once I’m in, they could start making regular appointments from there. I had already had a sonogram in a different private clinic that had told me my due date was on april 11th. But on my first appointment, the doctor that I chose decided to insist that I was dues April 25th, which I explained to her was impossible considering that date wasn’t consistent with my last menstrual and sonogram I had. She didn’t want to listen and was very short with me. I ignored this minor annoyance and figured she’d be proven wrong when I go into labor. Plus she ordered a second sonogram, and that sonogram even said I was due April 12th (only one day difference from the date I gave her), and I’m assuming she couldn’t suck up her pride and admit she was wrong because she STILL refuses to changed my due date on my medical records. This office takes about an hour and a half in the waiting room just to be seen for a five minute appointment, so I was quite aggravated already and just wanted to go home. So far just about every time I’ve gone to my appointments, she has told me “your getting too carried away with your weight” and has told me to go on some kind of diet (I refuse to go on a diet when I’m eating less then I should as it is for a pregnant female with my height). As if I’m not sensitive about my weight as it is, now I have to deal with my doctor pretty much telling me I’m fat. It’s not like I’m gaining weight on purpose. I’ve even told her that like a hundred times. She always asks what I’m eating and she never believes me when I tell her. She’ll always say “oh you must be eating way more then that”. I’m in my last trimester at 31 weeks of pregnancy, and I gained 2 lb.’s in 2 weeks, and she told me that was too much. I know why I’m gaining weight so much, and I’ve told her this before. I was on an extreme diet that I stopped abruptly when I found out I was pregnant so it wouldn’t hurt my baby, and I have insomnia that’s gotten dramatically worst sense I’ve gotten pregnant. She seems to think those things don’t effect my metabolism. Plus she keeps insisting that I have 11 weeks til my due date, when she has proof in front of her that I only have 9 weeks. I have two sonograms proving her wrong on that, and she refuses to admit it. I’ve asked her to help me with my sleep issue because I’ve only gotten 2-4 hours of sleep broken up every night for the past couple months, and she always tells me that not getting sleep never killed anybody. She refuses to help me with my insomnia, and won’t even let me take Tylenol PM which doesn’t help anyways because I have insomnia. She also keeps telling me that it’s “irresponsible” of me to forget to take my prenatal vitamins. Once again I’m not doing it on purpose, and I might have an easier time remembering if I got better sleep. All these issues she has with me could easily be solved if she took care of my sleeping disorder, which I know that there are medications for insomnia I could take while pregnant because I’ve taking them before with my other pregnancies. I have a high risk pregnancy and I feel it’s too late to find a new OB-GYN considering I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I could go into labor any day now. Plus I’m scared that if in the case I do go over due that she won’t induce me at 42 weeks, and she’ll wait until I’m 44 weeks pregnant because she refuses to suck up her pride and admit that she was wrong about my due date. And because she seems to be one of those doctors that refuse to give medication to pregnant women, I fear she’ll give me a hard time about getting an epidural ( which I strongly believe in considering this is my 3rd baby and I know what labor feels like). I have no idea what to do, I feel offended and I really don’t feel comfortable with this lady delivering my baby. Any advise would be great.
A: It’s not too late to find a new doctor. Do a little research on doctors in your area that specialize in high risk pregnancies, if you can find other women who have seen a particular doctor and see what they say about them that would be great. Ask around and try to find women who have recently had babies and see where they went and if they liked the doctor.You’re not stuck with that doctor by any means. Just make sure you research the new doc very well so that you won’t have the same problem.
husband thinks im not doing everything i can for our baby?
Q: sorry its so long but thanks in advance to those that read it.this is our first child and i have had a hard time with morning sickness. well it was actually 24/7 sickness for me. well here is the timeline to help you understand the situation bettermarch 14-found out i was pregnant with home testmarch 19-had first visit, was told i was 6 wks and 6 days pregnant.march 27-first day of morning sickness. was sick 24/7 and couldnt keep anything down at all, not even water or saltine crackers.April 20.-had lost 9 lbs. doctor wasnt completely concerned but said i shouldnt lose that much again when i come back.May18.-had lost 2 more lbs. doctor said everything was fine and that he was glad i had only lost 2 and not 9.June 11-had ultrasound done and i had not gained or lost any weight so the doctor said that since my weight leveled out, i should start noticing weight gain by my next apptJuly 9-had only gained 1 lb but doctor said everything was fine, the baby was healthy and the right size. somewhere in between the april and may appt is when we figured out it was my prenatal vitamins that was making me sick so we switched them and thats when the morning sickness kind of went away and thats why i only lost 2 lbs. so i was sick from my 8 week to my 14 week. well now the morning sickness is completely gone except for the occasional nauseaous feeling and i pretty much eat like i normally did before i was pregnant. my stomach is noticeably bigger so i thought i had at least gained like 4 or 5 lbs b/c my jeans dont even fit anymore. i eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and inbetween snacks and take my vitamins everyday so getting all the nutrients the baby and i need, im just not gaining the weight. well my husband thinks that im not eating enough and that i need to eat more b/c 1 lb in his opinion was not enough. but i keep telling him that everytime i eat, i eat until im full, i dont just take a couple of bites and stop. he’s says i need to eat more. but i tell him if i keep eating after im full, i will throw up. he just doesnt seem to understand b/c the whole time i had that sickness, he kept telling me it was all in my head and that i made myself sick and that i could control my throwing up and stuff. and when i tell him that it makes me feel like he thinks im not doing enough, he always says, well you are doing something right b/c she’s healthy and the right size but still, in my opinion 1 lb is not enough and you need to eat more. i understand that 1 lb is not alot but at least i gained it and didnt lose it. i am only 22 weeks so i have time to gain weight between now and my due date. its not like im due next week and only gained 1 lb the whole pregnancy. i know he is worried about our baby b/c it took us a year and a half to even get pregnant but im trying to get him to understand that im doing everything i can possibly think of. anybody had their husbands act this way when they were pregnant?no im not overweight. i am actually really small. i am 5’0 and weighed 127 before i got pregnant. went up to 131 at first appointment then went down to 120 after sickness.
A: Yeah, my husband use to say stuff like that, and finally my hormones got the better of me one day and I told him off. It went something like this:”Well I am so shocked to hear that you are such an authority on how much weight I should be gaining, I mean my doctor is not concerned, but obviously you have some better training…or have you been reading up on line and going to all the chat rooms…no, well you must be reading books that tell you I am not doing things right! Or heard something at the last doctor visit that i didn’t, oh wait you weren’t there….Listen up, if the doctor is not concerned I am not concerned, I do read about this online, and I have read books, and as far as I can tell the only thing you are an expert in is pissing me off! So unless you can have this baby for me, I suggest you shut the hell up and try and offer me a back rub, or a nice dinner, or something useful, rather than telling me yet again how I am screwing up, because guess what, it’s not helping!!!”After that my husband became a lot more sensitive to my needs, offered to go to every appointment with me, cooked special dinners for me, asked me if I was hungry and if I wanted anything special. It turned out he felt left out of the whole pregnancy process, and was just trying to somehow be a part of it. You know the old saying those that can’t do…teach? Well he couldn’t be pregnant so i guess in his own way he was trying to take charge….it will get better. You might want to let your husband in on the fact that right now at 22 weeks the baby just hit the one pound mark! It’s not like you have a 10 pound baby in you right now!Don’t worry, I started gaining serious weight around week 28. From week 1-28 i was up a total of 4 pounds, then in 28 I jumped 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks. Then 5, then 8, then 2…it was erratic. I ended up 48 pounds heavier by week 41. Then I had the baby and within 2 weeks of delivering i was in my old pants, only 9 pounds up. That is the bonus of having it really all be baby weight, when the baby comes out, the weight goes away.
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