Does the plan b pill really work

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When taken within 72 hours, Plan B decreases the chance of getting pregnant by 89% — from 8% without Plan B to 1% with Plan B. [ Source: ]
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Does plan b pill really work?
YES, you can get it for about $40 (or cheaper) at your local pharmacy. Depending on where you live, there might be an age resriction. For instance, in MA it is illegal to have sexual relations under the age of 16. So only 16 and older can p…
Do plan b pills really work?
Yes it works but the effectiveness depends on how soon after unprotected sex it is taken. The sooner the more effective it is.
Does the “plan b” pill really work if used properly??
It really does work a lot better than doing nothing (it’s only 89% effective), and it really can mess up your next period. If you read the questions in this section for a week, you’ll see how often girls encounter early bleeding followed by…

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Does the pill plan B really work?
Q: i took plan b and my period is late…a week to be exact.Does that mean im pregnet? i took the pill 13 hours after sex.can someone that took the pill tell me thier experiance with it please.
A: you never know the plan B pill is proven to work successfully, it takes 10 hours to conceive an egg in you, if your period is a week late its a possibility (as the commercial says so). i would take a pregnancy test soon if you haven’t already had your period.
does the plan b pill really work?
Q: me and my boyfriend had had the moment and now im might be preganant . we were worried so i took the first tab of the plan b. i didnt take the other one i kinda want to be , i want to be a mommy but im scared that the pill might have worked cause i waas feeling some of the symptoms but i am hopin gsome one can help me as soon as you can i would grately appreciate it,what can i do
A: 78% of the time i was lucky and made it in the other 22%
Does the Plan B pill really work? If not, what else will be guaranteed?
Q: The day after pill, Plan B, is that guaranteed to work? If not, what is guaranteed to work? Besides condoms because my boyfriend is allergic the the laytex and stuff that’s on them… Is there something or anything that is guaranteed to stop pregnancy? I’m not on birth control and don’t know where to go for free pills or if i am eligible for free pills…? anyone know of anything..? greatly apperciated!
A: The Plan B pill is only for single-use – meaning you shouldn’t use it every time you have sex, but instead just once or twice. It is a high dose of hormones that can really mess you up. There is absolutely NO BIRTH CONTROL that is guaranteed to work. It is impossible to guarantee a birth control to work because most problems come from the users not knowing how to properly use the birth control method. Condoms are up to 97% effective, yet they fail 80% of the time because people don’t use them properly. If your boyfriend is allergic to latex and spermicidals, you can purchase special condoms that do not contain those ingredients. Your other option is to contact Planned Parenthood for the nearest office. They will definitely be able to help you. If you don’t have one nearby, you can contact your local hospital or birthing center and they can recommend a local resource for you.
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