Does your pee smell weird when your pregnant

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Yes some women have found that when they are pregnant their urine becomes darker and can smell stronger than usual. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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When your pregnant, can your pee smell weird?
Not Medical Advice: Normally, no it doesn’t smell. If urine is cloudy, dark & smells strong, See MD.

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does pregnancy make your pee smell weird?
Q: my pee smells funny when i go to the bathroom and i think i might be pregnant. i don’t eat asparagus so i know that it cant be from that. and i drink plenty of water so im not sure whats making my pee smell funny. is it the foods that i eat?i know i don’t have an infection…but i just had unprotected sex not even a week ago. but its been almost a month since we have started dating. so i could be and i might not be. im not sure. i haven’t had any of the symptoms of pregnancy. what could it be? i know i don’t have any STD’S because i get tested regularly and im not sick. so what could it be? even tho i want to have a baby but im not ready to have one just yet i feel its not time.
A: Defiantly…i had the weirdest smell to my urine just before i found out i was pregnant it smelled STRONG to so i would take a test because you could have a precious baby on the way
Did your urine smell different/icky when you were pregnant?
Q: I just noticed that it smells different when I pee, and it really grosses me out. I don’t have itching or anything else, just weird-smelling pee. Did you have this?
A: Mine doesn’t smell different but what I’ve experienced that is weird is that the prenatals make it cloudy. I realized this when I forget to take my vitamins for a couple days in a row, it goes back to normal and vice versa. My sense of smell has heightened immensely being pregnant so maybe that has happened to you therefore making you notice your urine smell when you didn’t before you were preggers?
confused, i need your help!?
Q: im kinda confused, im trying to have a baby but last month i had my period so i guess i was not pregnant, after that i keep trying….last time i had my period and it was kinda weird , i was Vomiting, i felt dizzy, and the cramps were horrible…all that happened the same day i had my poeriod!…..i forgot to mention that i had an abortion before…Well Now im suppose to get my period today or tomorrow, but these couple days, every time i go pee smells kinda like old lady urine…and is more in the morning…..(i never had that problem) .and today i went to the bathroom to pee and it hurts a little bit, and i cleaned myself and it was kinda redish, orange color….i though i had my period, so i put a tampon and when i got home i was going to change it , but it wasnt my poeriod!… im confused….what is it???? Do i have any problems?
A: You could have a urinary tract infection, or a bladder infection since you have some pain with urination. You should be drinking lots of water and cranberry juice is helpful also. You need to flush out your system. If it continues you need to see a doctor.
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