Does your uterus hurt when your pregnant

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As the baby grows your uterus will expand placing pressure on your body possibly causing it to hurt. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is it normal for uterus to hurt in pregnancy??
I had this same problem with my second pregnancy, and my doctor said that it has to do with the muscles stretching around the uterus, and my best remedy was always to use a heating pad (warm, NOT hot!) at night before you go to sleep. Towar…
Could i be pregnant if my uterus hurts when we have sex??
That is not generally a symptom of pregnancy. Intercourse can be uncomfortable during pregnancy, but it shouldn’t hurt. Its a possibility yes, but that wouldn’t be my first conclusion. I would recommend a visit to a gynecologist, that way i…
Can having a yeast infection during pregnancy hurt the baby insid…?
It could coplicate your pregnancy as well as cause general discomfort. A trip to you nurse practioner, doctor or local health dept can easily solve this problem for you.

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When you sneeze does it hurt your uterus?
Q: I’m 13 weeks pregnant today.It seems like every time I blow my nose or sneeze it hurts my lower part of my abdomen I’m not sure if its my abdomen or my uterus or what&& also when I stretch a certain way it feels like someone is squeezing my uterus.Has anyone else felt this way? I have already had two ultrasounds and I have a normal pregnancy so it’s not ectopic or anything like that. Thanks for all your answers.
A: I’ve had this for the since I was around 5 weeks pregnant. But it’s really no surprise if you think about it, because a sneeze affects so many muscles in your abdomen, it was likely to affect your uterus area too. And I find that if I stretch in the wrong position, or at the wrong angle, or sometimes when I stand up; I get the same feeling. It’s a little disconcerting, but after the first couple of times I realised it was nothing to worry about, and the pain soon goes agian.
Uteruses don’t get attached to your bladder when your pregnant right????…..or does it?
Q: I’m not exactly showing yet but I’m bloated to I decided to give a bloated stomach by my uterus a good tug in a upward direction. When I pulled it it felt as though someone had tried to rip my bladder out of place. It hurt like hell!!!!!!!!!! Your uterus isn’t attached to your bladder right? Why would it hurt?I grabbed my stomach by my uterus and pulled it upward why did my bladder hurt.
A: the uterus’s doesn’t get attach to your bladder. The placenta might though.
What does it mean when your uterus is contracted constantly at 7 months pregnant?
Q: My Uterus is contracted constantly when I am on my feet and more and more frequently when I’m sitting. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s uncomfortable. I am 33 weeks along.What could this mean?
A: It means you need to call your doctor and have it checked out, if you are contracting it could be Braxton Hicks contractions (which is fine) or true labor, and if the latter is the case you need to arrest it now before having a premature baby.
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