How about not to get pregnant

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The time a girl is most likely to get pregnant is the time about halfway between periods, when ovulation occurs..Text for more. [ Source: ]
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The best way to keep from getting pregnant is to not have sexual relations. If you are unable to abstain from sex, you will need to apply a method of birth control to help prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills, and condoms can help lessen …
Don’t have sex. Practice abstinence.
I have to agree with several of the other posters. How NOT to get pregnant is to not have sex if you aren’t fully ready for the consequences. But since most people don’t like that method, thend definitely stick to the condoms, the pill, spe…

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How Long Would it Take Me To Get Pregnant?
Q: I Was On Depo I Received My First Shot Aug 31st of 2009 I Was Due For My 3rd Shot Feb 8th of 2010… But I did Not Go I haven’t Taken A Shot Since So I Only Had 2 Shots..About How Long Will It Take For My Cycle And Ovulation To Return Normally? And Is There Something I Can Do to Speed It Up?? Please Help..
A: It depends on everyone. It took me about 4 months after I was “ALLOWED” to get pregnant.I took my last depo in Dec. of last year. So therefore I was due in March.But It’s really good until about 4months. So In April Is when I was able to get prego.But I did not conceive until July. So It took me about 3-4 months.If you are trying to conceive the 1st advice is to begin healthy habits.If you are smoking, try to stop. Begin eating healthy. Begin an exercise regime. As well as take vitamin supplements. FOLIC ACID IS VERY IMPORTANT…Thats what helped me to concieve.As well do your research & keep track of EVERYTHING..Good Luck though.
I Need a Friend Who Understands. Pregnant n Want To talk let Me Know cause I Sure Could Use It. By The Way 15w?
Q: I’m 15 Weeks Pregnant N Me And My Childs Father Have Broken Up However I am Still Trying To Be Happy About It. I’ve Thought About Other Options But I Feel So Selfish Thinking That Way. I’m 26 This Is My Third Pregnancy But Will be My First Child. I Tried For Many Years With My Ex But Only a Miscarriage. I Have A Fling With An Ex Who Already Has 3 Children, I Get Pregnant. Not How I Planned It!! We Tried To have A Relationship At First But Then He Bailed N I’m Left Alone. I Normally Make More Responsible Decisions That This But MMy Emotions Got The Best Of Me Now I’m Stuck Between A Rock n A Hard Place. I Love My Baby Already N He Or She Is A Gift From God But I’m So Scared And Feel So Stupid!!
A: =) Try not to think of life like it has an ideal.Nothing in life is ever ideal. Nothing ever turns out how you pictured it. Most of the time though, you find things are better that way. A lot of things have happened in my life that made me sad, and turned out to be miracles that saved my butt.Try getting into a pregnant yoga class, or some other kind of activity with other women who are pregnant. I feel much better with other pregnant women around lately (30 weeks along with #2), I guess its because I don’t feel as crazy.After trying and failing to have a baby, I understand how your emotions at just wanting to have one of your own could get to you. I had 2 failed pregnancy’s before I had my son, and he was a complete shock! At first the though was, well what now? Money, room, and all those other things swam through my mind, and I was so scared of losing him… but almost was more scared that he was there.I thought to about my other options, but after trying for so long, and then giving up, to have your dreams answered, you cant turn your back on a gift like that. So I know just how you feel.Try to get involved more in the baby, go to some classes at your local Y, or civic center on childcare and that kinda stuff. Or take stroller-robices. Concentrate on what is really important now, the wonderful gift that you have been given. Its hard for now, because that is still months away, moths away from the physical comfort of holding your baby. It will come though, and you will forget all the unimportant drama that got him/her there =)Congrats babe, be happy =) Mommy
How do I get my mother-in-law to stop badgering me about children?
Q: My husband and I are in our early twenties and have been married two years. We plan on having children eventually, but not until we have purchased our first home together and have traveled and enjoyed each other’s company for a while. I do not think this is unreasonable, but my mother-in-law feels differently. She told me in front of our entire family that I was selfish and materialistic for desiring a new home and car before having children. She said I was to controlling and that her son would get tired of my overbearing ways if I didn’t give him children before he was too old. Please help me. I need some advice. I love her but I just can’t take the ridicule anymore. My sister-in-law is pregnant with the first grandchild and I can’t understand why that isn’t enough. She is upset with this situation too. She feels like she’s in adequate too. Our husbands aren’t even speaking to there mom because of her actions. That is being blamed on me as well. Does anyone have any advice?
A: Her sons need to stand up to their mother in this case….she is out of line and needs to be told. They need to tell her to stop this behavior and respect their choices of who they want to spend their lives with, respect the wives, respect their decisions as a couple as to how they will live thier lives. You need to tell your husband to do this or you’ll do it for him.
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