How are cows on the farm made

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Cows have to be artificially inseminated or have intercourse to become pregnant & give birth to calves. That’s how they’re made. [ Source: ]
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How are cows on the farm made
Cows have to be artificially inseminated or have intercourse to become pregnant & give birth to calves. That’s how they’re made.
Why do some farmers make their cows swallow magnets??
Cattle can get what is called “hardware” disease. Cattle will eat any bit of small metal they find. The magnet collects all the pieces of magnetic metal (wouldn’t help with aluminum) into one area of their rumen (stomach). This pr…
Does alien green cow make farm animals walk?
your question doesnt make much sense to me so im just going to say that all farm animals can walk if you click on allow walk with or without an alien cow. also alien cows can walk.

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what should we do to reduce cows’ emissions of deadly methane gases when they belch, not fart?
Q: have you heard the big news? old news said that cows created pollution & greenhouse gases by farting (which means that you do too). i read an article written by scientists that proves that deadly methane gases are actually released when the cows BELCH! which means you too are to blame for global warming! at first the scientists proposed bioengineering new grasses for cows to eat so that they will not belch. however, that could contribute to CCD, so we may as nix that idea. therefore, i want you to project the science project that you would do at school on this topic. describe in detail what will be pictured on your posters, demonstrating how this deadly threat to the planet can be prevented while the combine farms still keep cows for milk and beef. i thought maybe a new sort of mask could be made so the cows can drink water and eat, yet their belching could be filtered by those bio-hazard filters that are used in labs when ebola, smallpox, bird flu, and anthrax get released into air.john walkup: what effect would there be on the environment if you quit talking? now what about if all the mealy-mouthed journalists quit telling the same stories on the news? what now would happen if every human being on the planet quit talking? expulsion of gases from the human lungs = CO2. are enough trees in the world to absorb so much CO2? how about if YOU absorb it? would that make you happy?amy L: sadly, a vast amount of methane is released from rice patties. two starches in grain produce the single food that feeds your brain, which is glucose. if your brain does not get its fix, you get a hunger headache. notice when you eat BREAD or RICE or PASTA w/your meal, no matter how much salad, meat, vegetables, desert, and liquids you take in, the gluten from the wheat or rice is the very first thing to be digested into glucose that goes into the blood so that the brain can be bathed in GLUCOSE. imagine how many people in the world depend on rice. else, wetlands are not very good to produce food: severe rains in the midwest destroyed the vines of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zuccini, and melons. even fruit trees shouldn’t be flooded with water. what nutritious food other than rice is produced in wetlands? the shape of our teeth shows that we evolved into omnivores, not vegetarians/vegans. we are meant to eat meat, but not too much. where will we get massive amts of protein?
A: The answer is really quite simple. You just put flint fillings in the cows upper jaw, and stone fillings in the lower jaw. That way they will be producing sparks that will light the gas as they belch. You can fit their tails and butts as well. Not only will it burn off the methane, but it will provide an economic boost to surrounding areas by being a tourist attraction.
Does it make you sad how farm animals are treated?
Q: Have you seen the videos on youtube about how chickens are treated? And how fur is made. And I was reading this book that described the abuse cows, chickend, pigs went through and it made me naseous and cry and I almost never cry. It ruined my day.
A: Yes, and it makes me even sadder to know how badly some people in this world are treated.
How to reduce the smell of animal blood?
Q: I am wanting to test some areas of my farm with a home made fertiliser and I would like to know how to get rid of the smell from the cows blood that I am using for this test. Also I would be interested in knowing more about the effects that cattle blood being used as part of fertiliser mix could have on livestock that grazed on the pasture.
A: lemon juice, anatomy lab experience
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