How bad is the spotting when you’re pregnant

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Call your doctor or midwife right away. While the spotting might be something normal it could be very dangerous! [ Source: ]
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How bad is the spotting when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Call your doctor or midwife right away. While the spotting might be something normal it could be very dangerous!

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Miserable… please help: Pregnant or AF?
Q: The first heavy day of my last period was May 7, but I started spotting a few days before that, so I’m not sure when it actually started. I ovulated the 17th and 18th, and had sex with my fiance several times on both days. (Not ttc; he was supposed to pull out but made a mistake on one of those days; don’t remember which). Two or three days after, on maybe the 20th, I started being very tired, unnaturally hungry, dizzy every time I stood up, and occasionally nauseated. I started having hot flashes, cravings, and my bbs started hurting and getting huge (along w/ the nipples). I’ve also had very vivid dreams and bad backaches and crying spells, and also intensely irritable spells. Since I am not ttc, I don’t think I’m imagining things, because it’s been too noticeable for me to be making it up; I started looking online and heard that some people do have symptoms the first few days after conception, if you’re really sensitive to your body, which I am; I had bad panic attacks a while back and am now much more mindful than average when it comes to my body; I’m also a sensitive person, physically. My reactions to drugs, even otc ones, are often unusually strong. Anyway, for the past few days, since about the 26th or 27th, I’ve been having some mild cramping and twinges of pain down there, as well as fullness and heaviness (hard to explain). Normally I NEVER get cramps till my first heavy day of af, and the only thing I get w/ my period is bbs that are slightly sore the few days before. All the other symptoms are completely foreign to me, even the ones like backaches and mood swings; I just don’t get those normally (guess I’m lucky). I was feeling like I must be pregnant, and then yesterday, at 11 or 12 dpo, I had a very small bit of pinkish orange spotting (last night). Today, I still have that spotting, only now it’s more pinkish. It’s only when I wipe. I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out if it’s implantation spotting (maybe conception didn’t happen till the day after ovulation; I had sex then, too) or if it’s spotting with my period. Since today is the 30th, it’s around 28 days after when my (very light; lighter than this) spotting started before my last period, but it’s only about 21 days after my first heavy day (which might have been the start of my period; not sure). I am a little crampy, and my back is hurting bad. I usually have no pain till my first heavy day, and the last time for that was May 7. I have heard implantation is between 7-13 days after ovulation, and it usually comes before a period would, so I’m wondering if this is that. I just think it’s too early for period stuff, especially since my body has been feeling so strange (and pregnant-like). At this point, I’m excited about maybe being pregnant (my fiance and I live together, are both in our mid 20s, and soon to be married), but I don’t know if I am. The spotting is pinkish, like watery pinkish; yesterday, it looked orangeish. It is slight. My bbs are bigger than they’ve ever been (looks like implants), and are itching some. But then I think maybe this is just a weird cycle. ????? Anyone who can help me, please… Am I in the implantation phase? If so, how long will it last and when can I take a test (I already tried and got a negative, but it’s too early, I know). Based on my spotting on the 3rd and 4th and my real period coming on the 7th, when will I even be “late”? If it is just my period, why is it early like this, w/ all these extreme symptoms, including nauesea and lightheadedness? Thank you all. *Hugs*
A: Well, honestly, if you had spotting before your period, and then a heavy day that sounds like a normal period to me. Sometimes months are different, and I have had plenty of months where I just had a day or two of spotting and then an actual period. You would count from the first day you had actual blood as your first day of your period … or so I have been told. So let’s say… the 7th. 10 days after – the 17th – is a pretty early ovulation date. It sounds more likely that you ovulated closer to the 20th – when you started feeling cramps and such. All of the symptoms you have are very common AF signs. Just because you don’t normally have them… doesn’t mean you won’t ever. I personally have noticed over the last 7 months my pre period symptoms are a lot different than they used to be. Mentionabley, I have back aches now unlike what I have had in the past and headaches as well. The spotting itself and the cramping could be implantation and you really are just more sensitive and are noticing it. It’s really hard to say. My gut feeling is that you are having changes in your cycle – but I don’t know you personally… so what I would say is count the 7th as your first day. Assuming you have a regular 28 day period I would count after the 4th late and test the weekend after that…. if you don’t get your period. Sometimes with stress your body can do weird things – and a number of things can effect your cycle – medication, changes in your life, exercise, diet, etc. There have been so many months where I “knew” I was pregnant and wasn’t… then this month I took a test for the heck of it – walked away from it thinking I wasn’t pregnant. This morning I remembered the test (it was on the back of the toilet) and saw a faint line. “That’s weird” I thought – I haven’t ever gotten an evaporation line before… so I took another test just in case. Turns out – there was a faint line again – darker than the one yesterday. I have one son who is almost 8… and haven’t even thought had symptoms. My boobs are sore, but they always are before AF anyway. So… ya even us seasoned mama’s don’t always know. Right now thinking about it will likely cause more stress and can mess up your cycle further. Wait it out and keep me posted 🙂 Either way good luck. I know it’s not a lot of help, but I’ve been there!
I am pregnant, scared, confused, and need help..?
Q: Ok, here’s the story … I am asking here because I really don’t have any unbiased people I can speak with.. and I really love this network because there are so many people who answer that genuinely care, and can empathize what I am going through. … Basically I just found out about a week ago, and kinda figured I was for about 3 weeks prior.. spotting, constant hunger, and extreme thirst for water (not usual at all for me)… Now it’s not that I’m too young (at least in my opinion), I am 23.. it’s not that I am single, or unemployed.. I have a common law husband, full time job, car and a decent rental house, it’s not like a baby is going to break the bank for me.. I’m happy, I’m fine … But I ALREADY have two children! My son is five, and my daughter 18months.. I don’t think I can handle another yet. And yes.. plain stupidity for all of you who care to say .. “Should have been safe.” “Have you heard of a condom?” So on and so forth… I used the pull out method.. OK.. please do not give me grief about that.Here’s where for a few moments I sound like a completely selfish human being (though I am sure many have run this through there minds in similar situations).I really hate being looked at like I am too young to have children.. I despise it sooo much. I don’t know why, I am usually not one to care when it come to how others view me. I know I was too young when I had my son.. stupid and in love, NO REGRETS. My daughter.. she was not planned, NO REGRETS. Both children enriched my life, my husband is so grateful for our daughter, he’s a new person.. I don’t know where I would be without them..But I don’t want people to see me and act pitiful.. “oh too bad you can’t go out, you have kids. Worn out, pathetic mom who doesn’t know how to use birth control.” And who’s to say I don’t, maybe I wanted to have all of them, planned and tried.. we all know here that’s not the case obviously.. but who are they to assume that of me? I know they do, my father gives me grief about it all the time; my mother is always saying she really wishes I had a chance to be young and free; people at work think it’s crazy that I have two; people on the street see me with them and think I am the older sister, or young aunt. I get so many dirty looks. I don’t like people looking down on me, thinking I am stupid. I don’t know if I can handle the amount of judgment that would be coming…. Beautiful Boy, by John Lennon … “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans..” I am a strong believer in letting things be, living life one day at a time, taking everything life throws at you in stride. I am not a spiritual person (I would like to think I am but I don’t really have time to be), I am pro choice on abortion (every situation is different), I see myself as a new age individual.. dressed up in working disguise. Nobody really sees me for who I am, and I am misjudged a lot. … You know, when I found out I was pregnant for sure, I was shocked.. I didn’t know what to think or do. The next day, I could not concentrate for the life of me at work. Until lunch, I sat down a wrote out a letter to myself, somewhat of a journal entry.. and I began to feel happy. I can feel the life inside me, no doubt. I didn’t get excited, or anxious.. I became calm. And I hadn’t really thought about it much until Thursday at work.. I was having lunch and one of my co-workers sat down to join me. Somehow my kids came up, I stated I had the two 5 and 18months.. and he commented on how he thinks it’s crazy that people so young will have children. Then I started getting worked up again.. how will I tell people, what will they think or say?? Really, that is my main concern here. It’s stupid, it really is.. How can I be so selfish?!The hardest person to tell will be my husband. He will go absolutely nuts. He went nuts when I told him I was pregnant with our daughter.. we hardly talked for the first few months (he actually thought I did it on purpose to try and swindle him out of his money, that he didn’t have.. to make him never leave me – ya, it hurt). He stresses about everything, and I come to find he really hates change. I can’t fully explain his nature. What I do know is that I am deathly terrified of what he will say. I think he will ask me to abort.. and part of me wants him to.. so I can blame my decision on him if I do (awful, I know).What I really want though is for him to pretend it’s great, act excited.. the way a husband is supposed to act when he’s told he’s about to be a Daddy. He doesn’t think before he says something, and I know when I tell him I won’t be happy with the response. I’m starting to cry just thinking of it. We do want another baby.. but it was planned for 4 years down the line.. when we have our own home, and my husband is running his own restaurant, not just managing the kitchen of someone else’s. At a time, when we can afford to buy all new of everything. He grew up with high class parents..I grew up on welfare.. I appreciate the smaller things in life.. Buying a used product that’s like new at a good price is satisfying to me. I’m happy with my rental home. But, he’s more practical than I (as most would say).I guess what I am trying to ask here, is for some help figuring out if I am in the position to have another baby? Should I abort? Should I discuss that with my husband, or make up my mind and then tell him? If I decide to keep the baby, how should I tell him?Maybe I am being selfish in wanting to keep the baby. I loved being pregnant.. it’s wonderful… being a vessel of life. It’s what we were created for. The battle here is.. “Is it more wrong to abort, or to keep a child when you really don’t think your up for the challenge?” — that should have been my question.
A: Wow that was long. You seem really intelligent and intellectual….personally I would really consider abortion. but!! that’s not right for you, like you said… “and part of me wants him to.. so I can blame my decision on him if I do”It has to be totally up to you, it’s your decision and I think you’re smart enough to know your limits. I’m the same way, I’m pro choice for abortion and I think in some cases you have to man up and take on the responsibility but after a certain amount of children it starts putting stress on the already existing children too…. that’s going to be a lot of little tykes running around smudging paint on the walls and bonking their heads on tables ;(
Help! Am I Pregnant???
Q: Hi, I am almost 18 years old and my boyfriend that I have been with for almost 3 years now is 21 years old. My boyfriend just got back from Iraq last month on October the 1st. The day before he got back I started taking birth control. Well for the first couple weeks we used protection when we had sex. Then last month he stayed the night with me on October 20th and we had unprotected sex. We thought it would be alright because I had been on the birth control for a couple weeks. I know bad but we did. Anyway, he ends up ejaculating inside of me. Now at this time I had been on antibiotics not knowing that antibiotics knocks off your birth control. I had been on the antibiotics for 5 days and had only one more day to finish taking them….but the medicine was to stay in my system for 10 days after I stopped taking them. On the 20th of October when he got off inside of me, I was supposed to start me green pills that causes me to have a period and the next day on the 21st and then actually start my period 3 days later on the 24th. Well I have been on birth control once before and I would always wake up on Wednesday to a period but it didn’t hit me until late that night on Wednesday (24th) and when it did come, it wasn’t a bad period at all. And before when I was on birth control my periods were very heavy and bad cramping too. I was on birth control at that time because I have irregular periods. Anyway, I get off my period on the 28th of October. Well the next day the 29th I have dark brown discharge in my panties. And it freaked me out at first until I had a few people to tell me this was normal, so I let that go. Well just 2 days ago on the 5th of November, I had a white, and kinda but not really thick discharge to come out of me. Now I know what you’re thinking it could be an infection but I already looked it up on the internet. And it’s not an a yeast infection, and i know it can’t be any other infection cause I had a pap just at the end of September, and everything was fine there and I’ve only been with one person and he hasn’t been with no one else and he doesn’t have anything. And the white discharge, doesn’t have a smell what so ever, it’s not discolored at all, and I don’t have no itching or burning either. When I looked it up, I also got that it can be some “L” word I can’t remember how it ws spelled it was really weird, and it’s something that comes out of you when you are pregnant. Well just yesterday (6th of November) I started cramping. Not bad or anything, just VERY mild, they kinda made me think I was about to start my period. Later that night I started discharging dark brownish looking blood. It wasn’t bad or heavy, but it was still there. My mom told me to stay off my feet. So I did. Well today the 7th of November I am still cramping and the dark brown discharge started turning into dark looking blood. But it’s not heavy at all and is just spots of it. I have an appointment with a OG-GYN on Friday. But I was just wondering could I be pregnant? I have never done this before and I don’t know what to expect to find out. I’ve already had a couple people to tell me that it is very possible that I am pregnant…but could I really be? Oh yea and I have had some sharp but not bad pains in my breast for a few days or more now. Help me out. Please…
A: The brown/red discharge is more then likely “Old blood”. This means that you still had blood in your body after your last “period”. I don’t want to alarm your or depress you but I just went through this. There is a possibility that you are/were pregnant and you are miscarrying. This is not a “bad” thing because every woman miscarries they just don’t realize it because they think it is a period. I have a problem staying pregnant and I just experienced the same thing in July (Again) so staying off your feet is a good thing however if you are pregnant and you are miscarrying try and understand this. Our bodies are wondrous things, they know when something is wrong and take the actions it needs to to stay safe (spontaneous abortion, I know it’s a harsh word). If you are miscarrying you should have no problems conceiving again if this is your first miscarriage.Take a pregnancy test although this may not come back pregnant seeing as I tested about 4 times and didn’t get a pregnant until I was around ten weeks. If it comes back positive then brace yourself for the possibility of a miscarriage though it may just be your body ex spelling the excess blood. Good luck and feel free to contact me if you need to talk, Also here’s a like to Web MD about miscarriages.
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