How big should a pregnant woman be when she is twenty weeks

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Hi! By this time, the unborn baby is about 10 inches from head to toe, so there will be a small, but noticable difference. [ Source: ]
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How big should a pregnant woman be when she is twenty weeks?
Hi! By this time, the unborn baby is about 10 inches from head to toe, so there will be a small, but noticable difference.

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Issue that bugs me horridly. Tell Me what You think?
Q: Ok I know how a lot of people rant on about how teen pregnancies are horrible and that we’re not being taught well enough by our schools and by our parents. And that reality shows are pushing us towards towards wanting to have a baby. I’m not saying all of you do but several do.You can’t blame all of that though. Even if most schools are being taught abstinence it should still be common sense to use a condom. You can’t say ALL teens aren’t capable of being a parent, sure it may be a bigger struggle. But there are also those women that are in their mid twenties that have babies and they turn out worse then the teen parents. Their are several several teens out there capable. My mom was, She was 18 had three kids and graduated. My three siblings turned out great. Not even all the teens ment for it to happen. I used protection. I wasn’t doing BC because I was still looking for one that I wasn’t allergic too. We used Plan B it didn’t work, I got pregnant. I’m 17. I do not believe in abortion. It wasn’t the babies choice to be here. It has a right to live. And He’s my responsibility. I wont do adoption, my family would hate it if I did abortion. I understand the money situation wont be perfect. That the baby is a 24/7 job no breaks no nothing. Until, and even passed the age 18.The reason I’m going on about this is that I just get really annoyed with people that like to say that school, tv, and parents are to blame, they’re really not. And it bothers me that people say that teens are getting pregnant because they just want a baby, cause they think it’s ok.There are girls like that. Girls that just want a baby to have a baby are I’ll admit a little ignorant. But things happen for a reason. And I find the girls that do have a the baby are very brave, and it really does tear a girl down when she reads something about how stupid they are, and that you feel oh so sorry for them. Maybe just a congratulations, even if you want to say something not so nice, but knowing that it’ll make her happy just to read that should be good enough.Sorry for so much. I just felt like letting out my feelings and see others discuss this with me.btw i’m 27 weeks
A: Although I agree with religious conservatives who want to challenge the youth to delay sexual activity for a while, I totally disagree with their message that a condom is a provision for sin. I send my Christian friends to the website below which debunks the whole thing against premarital sex in the Bible. That way they have no excuse not to support comprehensive sex education.
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