How can a pregnant woman miscarriage

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The most common cause of pregnancy loss is a random chromosome abnormality that occurs during fertilization. Abnormal hormone.MORE [ Source: ]
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What happens when a woman haves a miscarriage but didn’t even kno…?
Most women who do not realise they are pregnant think that it is just a “heavy period”. No medical intervention is needed for a straight forward miscarriage in the first 8-10 weeks. You will get cramps and bleeding but otherwise s…
Can riding a horse, donkey, camel, etc, cause a pregnant woman to…?
A former employee of mine said that if her baby isn’t here by her due date she would get into her husband’s pick-up and drive it back and forth in a plowed field and the cow pasture. From that I would assume the bouncing and rough ride woul…
What food types should a pregnant woman prevent from eating which…?
food and miscarriage have no connection but yes there are certail foods that need to be avoided during pregnancy. they at listed at…

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how soon after a miscarriage can a woman get pregnant?
Q: is it possible a woman can conceive after 1-2 weeks after a natural miscarriage? I think i might be pregnant again even though its only been 4 weeks since i miscarried. i was 6 weeks gone.
A: yes very possible ,its i higher possiblty to get preganant straight away , sorry and dont wont to upset you but once all the blood and the rest of the baby has come away or been removed by a dnc , (didnt know how to put it another way sorry) , my friend had a miscarriage and way preganant again straight away , its something to do with hormones you have alot more of them once a miscarriage has happened .
still jealous of pregnant women after miscarriage two years ago?
Q: I miscarried in 2005 at six weeks on my first pregnancy. ever since then i have been extremely jealous of pregnany women. every time i see them i get upset, and i especiailly hate when some pregnant women want to talk to me about their pregnancy. even my bf’s sister is pregnant and im happy for her, but im so jealous. y do these other women get to have their babies, and i miscarry at six weeks? i hate hearing that misscarriages are normal, cuz i really wanted that baby. i never drink or smoke, i try to eat healthy fruits, y would i miscarriage? no one in my family has ever had a miscarriage so they dont understand. no one in my family seems to even care, not even my bf. i feel so alone. how can i get over these jealous feelings of women that are pregnant?
A: I am so sorry, I miscarried last week, and I was wondering why I didnt’ get that upset about it. It hit me when I returned to work and a girl showed up saying she thinks she may be pregnant w/her second child. That’s when my heart sank and it hit me hard. This was also my 1st pregnancy that didn’t survive past 6 wks, and I thought it was horribly unfair that it had to end this way. I did tell this girl that I am happy for her and not to let me spoil the excitement. Nobody close to me had one either, and I still don’t get why this happened to me. Your BF might have trouble dealing with it, but he needs to be there for you. My BF is there for me, but he is already thinking about trying again. It definitely brought us closer together. The men don’t completly understand, their bodies don’t change. I told him that I’d feel alot better if we could somehow say goodbye, and we are thinking about writing our baby a letter and putting it in a balloon and letting it go. I tried to explain to him that we didn’t know the sex and we didn’t even have the chance to give it a name, and I’ll never get to see its face. I too, get a little tired of hearing ‘it’s nature’s way…bla bla bla’. But it does happen alot more often than I realized, it’s just that no one talks about it, and that’s too bad.I know that this may seem hard, but maybe it would help if you got to spend some time with someone elses kids, babies, etc. They really do light you up, even they aren’t yours. Try try try to be happy for your bf’s sister, she needs your support as much as you need hers. Whether or not you are a spiritual person, try to think that your baby is always going to be with you, watching you from heaven, and you will get to be with him someday.
How soon can a woman fall pregnant safely after a miscarriage?
A: Usually it is best to wait at least 3 months to give your body time to heal. But always consult your dr. because everyones situation is different.Hope this helps~
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