How can I tel my boyfriend that I am pregnant

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You could tell him by wrapping baby rattle in a box and letting him open it or you could bring the topic up slowly in conversation [ Source: ]
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How to tel my boyfriend.. that I am pregnant again?
well me and my husband went through this earlier this year when i got pregnant when our daughter was only 6 months old and he was very against the idea of having another child, well we got pregnant and i was unsure how to tell him- so i jus…
Should I tell my EX-boyfriend that I am pregnant with his baby??
Mary u should not tell him…and as for the other part i am guessig I’d be that friend so definatly NO
How do i tell my Boyfriend i am pregnant ?
can i just say one thing – you are so brave on deciding on having an abortion sooner rather than later, else it would of made things a lot more harder! Just say it. Besides, it takes 2 to tango. Its really good that you trust your step dad …

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Am i pregnant or is the desperation for me to be, taken over!! its a bit complex please read my added details!
Q: i had a termination in march as my baby had serve abnormalities because i had taken some tablets!! i cant seem to get over it and i feel so desperate to get pregnant again it is taken over my life!!! i feel like i need to be pregnant and wen my boyfriend says no i get really angry i am so desperate!!! i had unprotected sex a few weeks ago but had a really heavy bleed for about a day or two, is it from the termination (as i had not had a period since it) an that was in march and does that mean i am not pregnant, it began very light the first day then two days of it being very heavy then it stopped!!! my periods before my first pregnancy where at the very end of each month, and this started last monday also my periods usually last a week at the least so it was very different can anybody help please and tel me if i could be pregnant and also how to overcome the desperation for another baby before it ruins my relationship????i wasnt taking illegal drugs i was taking roaccutane , for mediacl reasons. you have al been great so far thank you , my partener was great when i first found out i was pregnant and i would never do it behind his back , it is the most overwhelming feeling though .
A: i would seriously seek proffesional advise. Seems to me like you need to get over the first loss first. Dont let your relationship suffer from this situation. It will eventually take over.
am i overreacting or am i right?
Q: Ok, so me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year. We are expecting a child in june. We are very excited to have this baby, and i cannot wait to be a mommy. I know what they say about hormones while being pregnant and everything and how US pregnant girls over react when we get stressed out.well let me just tel you the things that have been going on with my life. I was raised in a christian home, church school etc. And im pregnant out of wedlock. So, pretty much everyone from my church and my church friends think im the devil child. Im 21 by the way….lol but anyways…that has been stressful because i feel like i have been banded from everyone at my church and everyone looks down on me for it. Im trying to get medicaid for me and the baby because i dont have health insurance.and it is just not going through AND is taking forever for me to see a doctor. i want the best for my baby as soon as possible. My car doesnt work now. Im stressing out and i feel like me and my boyfriend have not been doing good lately. and me and my mom are just not getting along at ALL!!!! now, am i overeating or do i have a right to be stressed out. My boyfriend thinks im overreacting and love to start drama with him.For instance, Today was a very very very stressful day at work, and after my shift i had a breakdown and called my boyfriend and wanted him to encourage me and let me everything would be ok. but instead, he was like, “im going out with the guys tonight” i was like…ummm, the one night that i need you, you decide to go out with your guyfriends. So, i was like whatever do your thing. I get home, i lay down, and think about everything, and just have a melt down. I text him and say, babe, can you please come home, i need you. and he replies… “wow, the one night i wanna go out, you start drama!” uh!?!?!?! that broke my heart.Somebody please tell me. am i wrong, am i overreacting? do i have a shitty boyfriend. what?!?! someone help me. because if im wrong or right, please let me know!
A: Ok, there is no measure for over reacting but its very normal for people who are chemically balanced so its even more acceptable for you. It seems like you are in an environment that is relentless, so you aren’t really over reacting. People have different levels of sensitivity towards different things and especially when you are under so much fire its normal to feel upset. It doesn’t matter if other people think you over reacted. If you think you were justified in your reaction, you need nobody’s approval. As a guy I cannot really put myself in your shoes and even if I did, only the good lord knows the difference in our backgrounds making my judgment of your reaction needless.If you don’t mind I would like to suggest a few things which you may already be doing.1) Distance yourself from people who are bothering you who aren’t needed immediately in your life. That means any family and friends who are looking down upon you for any choices you made which do not concern them.2) Regularly calm yourself down via meditation or just numbing your senses. I personally find it very useful on stressful days to sit for 2-5 minutes in a dark room without any light or sound. It makes you focus completely on the thing that is bothering you and without any distractions from sight or hearing you will have to face and over come them.3) If you feel like you need to get something off your chest and nobody seems to respond, there are thousands of places on the net where you can anonymously post and have people respond. Sure its not like talking to someone in person but anything that helps is worth a try.4) If religion is causing you issues, know that you are not judged by god. If there is an omnipotent being who created and controls things on a cosmic scale, he would be the least bit concerned with our daily choices. God doesn’t judge our actions, other people do. Judging is a human concept which we have etched into god. I am sorry that you are in the situation, but honestly thinking about it, it is you who made all the decisions to be in that position, and it is only you who controls everyone’s actions to you. Good luck, I hope everything works out for you.
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