How can I tell if I might be pregnant if I have my period

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If pregnant you can have light irregular bleeding, but it will not be like a normal period and won’t fill a pad or tampon. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How can I tell if I might be pregnant if I have my period
If pregnant you can have light irregular bleeding, but it will not be like a normal period and won’t fill a pad or tampon. ChaCha!
Period might have came a little early… am I pregnant??
Most likely if you are having you period, your not pregnant. Although, we have all heard about the cases of people having periods through out pregnancy. Well to make sure your not one of those women who didnt know they were pregnant till bi…
Can’t Remember Last Period… Think I Might Be Pregnant… HELP!?
Firstly, don’t worry, because that could worsen the symptoms, especially if you aren’t pregnant. If the test results are coming back negative, or assuming you aren’t pregnant, and symptoms are out of the ordinary for you, you should go get …

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How can i tell if I might be pregnant if i don’t remember when my last period was?
Q: So I made a huuuuge mistake on Halloween, I had a drunk unprotected one night stand, totally not like me at all and was completely irresponsible.So now I’m wondering if I could have gotten knocked up. I cannot remember when my last period was for the life of me so I don’t know when to expect it or if it is late or whatI know you are supposed to wait until your period was missed to take a pregnancy test, but if i can only know for sure it was missed if I wait a month and I do not want to wait that long.So how early do symptoms of pregnancy show up after conceiving?and how accurate can a pregnancy test be if I take it to early?And also, does anyone know if you can get a free or very cheap STD test anywhere? I don’t have health insurance so yeah.
A: Okay if I were you I would wait until two weeks after you had sex and test. Then I would test again in a month if it was negative. I started having pregnancy symptoms about 1 week after conception like fatigue and tender breasts. You can go to Planned Parenthood and get a cheap STD test/exam and they can also do a pregnancy test. They usually have a sliding scale fee based on your income.
How can i tell if im pregnant without a blood test? I have already missed my period.what signs can i look for?
Q: I am 17 years of age. My fiance is in the army. I am going to be getting emancipated soon and finding out i might be pregnant wasnt part of the plan…. is there certain signs i can look for to tell if im pregnant?
A: you can get a standard pregnancy test. you just pee on those. some can be expensive but i have heard that even the ones at the dollar store are very reliable. there is no standard check list for pregnancy symptoms. now everyone get morning sickness or the sore boobs or back. so the best way is to take the test and find out. congrats on soon joining the ranks of the army wife. it is a hard job if you are up to in. be prepared to raise that kid alone as your husbands job will often take him away. i have a 23 month and a 7 month and my hubby is finishing a 15 month deployment right now.
My husband is now acting weird because I might be pregnant. (this is kinda long)?
Q: I told my husband that there is a chance I may be pregnant, and for the past 3 days he has been very distance toward me, he doesn’t hold me, won’t try to have sex with me, etc. I told him that I believe that if I am pregnant he wouldn’t want the baby, his response was that we aren’t ready, and I told him that we knew our situation before we had unprotected sex, and that if conception has taken place then its nothing we can do about it (We don’t believe in abortions) then he says he doesn’t care about what I am trying to influence by telling him I might be pregnant but the reality is that I may be, my period is 3 days late so far, and I am going to wait a full week and if no period then I am going to take a pregnancy test. I am so confused I want to be happy weather the test is negative or positive, but its hard because my husband is being very unsupportive. I am not blaming my husband 100% if I am pregnant, as I know it takes two. But if I am pregnant I am willing to be a Mother to this baby, my husband on the other hand likes to brag about how many times we have sex in one day, and now that the consequences is close to home he can’t deal with it.I am confused about his behavior towards me.What makes this situation even crazier is that more than once my husband has sat down with our daughters, and told them that I might be pregnant, and last month after my cycle ended, he told them that I am pregnant. I said that I’m not because my cycle just ended, he said a lot of women have been pregnant and have had a normal cycle. (and he was happy about it) I don’t understand what changed.
A: Why don’t you just take the test now and stop all the questions. At least then you might get to the crux of the problem.
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