How can you miscarry at home

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There is no way you can induce a miscarriage without hurting yourself. If you’re pregnant and need help call 1-866-942-6466 free. [ Source: ]
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How can you miscarry at home
There is no way you can induce a miscarriage without hurting yourself. If you’re pregnant and need help call 1-866-942-6466 free.
What if I miscarry at home?
Contact the Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home at (717) 393-9661 and they will help you arrange for a Share burial. You should contact your doctor for any medical issues or concerns.
Can you handle a miscarriage at home?
I have had 4 pregnancy losses. The first 3 were at home. All of mine were the result of blighted ovam – which meant i was pregnant, but no baby had developed. This is also called a chemical pregnacy. A placenta developes but early on someth…

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i was raped and now i’m pregnat, how can i miscarry at home? please help me if you know anithing about this! t
A: First off you did not report it because you were not given the morning after pill. You need to go to a doctor NOW. Not only are you pregnant but there is a LARGE chance you could have been given a STD. Please seek medical attention. The doctor will give you safe alternatives for the pregnancy.
How can I get passed this: I had a miscarriage 4 years ago and because the Dr. had sent me home to miscarry…
Q: and I miscarried on the toilet, (took me a couple minutes to even type that) at 14 weeks I just had my mom flush it.It’s just disturbing to me how it ended and I’ve never gotten over it. My heart sinks whenever I think about it.(Sorry if that was also disturbing for you).I’ve gone on to have 2 beautiful, healthy girls but it still just bothers me…I guess the part that makes me most sad is that it was flushed down the toilet. I guess I don’t know what else I could have done with it… I wouldn’t have had a funeral or anything, but the toilet thing really bothers me.
A: First of all, may I offer my condolences. That is a horrible thing to happen to anyone and it must have been so difficult to have to flush. I’m not old enough to be pregnant therefore I have never had a miscarriage but I can imagine that it is the sort of thing that you can never entirely get over but I think in your heart you are perhaps holding on to the sadness subconsciously as not to ever forget. Maybe you can have a tribute in your home or a poem that hangs on your wall so that you will always remember your baby and can let go of the heartbreak. Try having a representative such as a balloon to let go of or some dirt to pour into the ocean to represent the sadness of your loss and when you are ready let it go. It may take several tries but eventually you will be able to. If you still continue to feel depressed over this, counseling would help and I am sure you can find a group who have suffered the same misfortune where you can express your feelings and help each other move on. I wish you all the best and truly hope that you will be okay. You seem like a wonderful person who is a great mom and your kids are lucky to have you. Best of luck and lots of love. <3
Disturbed family?
Q: Is there any hope if you have moral conflicts with in laws. I feel like totally banning one of my in-laws from my house. She was pregnant and goes in to detail about how she did so many drugs that she miscarried at home. She is not ashamed of what she did at all. The story makes my skin crawl. She also goes in to graphic detail about her sex life and that of her friends. She went to re-hab and did get in trouble with the law for doing drugs while pregnant. She tells these disgusting stories in front of guests that I am entertaining at my house!! The miscarriage story made one of my guests get up and leave! I am mortified! What can I do to keep her lifestyle out of my house and away from my kids! Any advice helpful. The whole family is pretty much disfunctional and I am just trying to keep my household normal and with good morals!!
A: Simply do not invite her to any other gatherings that involve other guests outside of her own family who already knows what she is like…. there is no reason you can’t have two dinners one for your family and friends and one for inlaws… a little more work but alot less stress about how she makes everyone uncomfortable.. Next best thing, invite her over alone for coffee and explain to her that her going into detail about her sordid life is not what you want in your home….and leave the rest to her then. You can’t change her, but if you let her know how you feel at least that much will be in the open…..
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