How can you stop you period

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The only way to ‘stop’ a period is to become pregnant. During the 9 months of pregnancy, women do not have their periods. [ Source: ]
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There is no way to stop a period. Mother nature will come when she wants to! You can ease the uncomfortable symptoms of a period by drinking plenty of water and taking an ibuprofen though. There are also several types of birth control that …
You can’t The question could be interpreted two ways. If you are asking for ways to end the menstruation you are experiencing right now, then the answer is you can’t . It will have to run its course. If you asking for ways to prevent menstr…
It wouldn’t mop up the blood for long, could only absorb so much. It could be dangerous to fit anything over the cervix that would stop the menstrual flow

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taking the birth control pill without a break to stop period. How often is safe?
Q: I took my pill without a break to stop my period then I had it but now I want to do that again because I’m going on holiday. Is it safe? How many times in a year can I do that?Also, I heard about that pill that stops your period for a long time. I know it was approved in the US but what about the UK? Does anyone know if it’s available from the GP and has anyone taken it?Thank you!
A: You can take your pill constantly for months if you want to .My doctor used to tell me to as I get bad migraines during my period.
How can you stop period pain?
Q: Girls only please lolI get really bad period pain on my first day and its horrible.i have stomach cramps, lower back pain and i feel nausious which is the worst feeling in the world.anyone know anything that can help stop it?besides paracetmol or pain something that can stop you getting period pain ever.
A: I know how you feel I used to get the worst period pains and they get u down. I used to be sick coz of the nausiness and it is horrible.I haven’t had one in ages now since I went on the Pill, you can get the pill not only for contraception but for the pains as well ask you doctor about it. If you don’t want to do that just try doing some sit ups in the nights this will help you a bit with the pain and also keep ya tummy toned win win 🙂 Hope I helped
how to stop period on wedding night?
Q: Im getting married soon and im afraid that i may start my period the day of the wedding or the day before the wedding. I heard that there is a pill that the doctor can give you so it will stop your period for a few days, whats that pill called? I dont want to go on birth control.
A: DO NOT listen to the person that said take other peoples pills. This is incredibly dangerous and just plain stupid. Prescription medication is prescribed to that person, and you could end up having a very bad reaction.There isn’t a pill that will ‘stop’ your period for a few days. Birth control is your only option.
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