How can you tell if a cat is pregnant

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You will notice weight gain and morning sickness. Cats are also normally quieter and more loving while pregnant. [ Source: ]
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A pregnant cat will look and act different. She will not be as affectionate. She will fill out in her midsection and grow nipples. She will become restless as she nears delivery and will look around for places to have her kittens.
・ 1 Start watching for signs of pregnancy if the cat’s heat cycles stop. One of the first signs is when… ・ 2 Notice if her nipples swell. A pregnant cat has swollen nipples that become redder in color. This happens… ・ 3 Watch the cat’s …
When a cat is pregnant, it’s pretty much the owner’s responsibility to help it maintain a proper level of nutrition and health. That requires the owner to actually know how to care for a pregnant cat and for the owner to know when the cat i…

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How can you tell if my pregnant cat is lactating?
Q: How can you tell if my pregnant cat is lactating?She’s due on sunday 15th (64th day) and we’re just wondering how we can tell?I’ve read before that if you squeeze them and milk comes out they are, but i havent tried that. When I look at them they are light pinkish with white bits around them and a few small black dots.They are due THIS sunday..She is only 11 months.. Does anyone know when they are supposed to be lactating?
A: It does not really matter if she is *now* or not, does it? I mean, yeah, she could start just about any time. But all that really matters is that it happens once the kittens come along, and chances are, by that point, she will be. And the sure-fire way to tell if she is lactating then, is if the kittens latch on and nurse. If you are concerned about the health of this cat, please consult with a veterinarian. Here is a website that tells more about how to care for a pregnant cat, what to expect during the birth, and how to tell if the cat needs help:
How can I tell if my cat got pregnant? How soon after conception can you tell with cats?
Q: My house cat escaped yesterday and I couldn’t chase after her (I’m 31 weeks pregnant!!) – she was behaving as if she was in season until about 4 days ago, could she still have gotten pregnant even if she was no longer behaving like this when she escaped yesterday?She was close to a male cat, they were playing, and then they disappeared and she shot through the window about half an hour later. It was only yesterday but how soon and how do you tell if the cat is pregnant?Thanks!!If she is, I’ll keep the kittens, we have potential homes for them, it’s just so I know to be more gentle with her!(p.s: Just coz I had babies doesn’t mean I know my cat will!! lol)
A: If her behavior has changed.I would say,she def got with the male!When i took care of an outside cat last summer.She started eating like she was just starved!!I fed her everyday…..Also when she would try to lay down.She acted as if her back legs hurt.I later realized it was her babies in her belly just making her un comfy.Also she no longer liked for me to pick her up.Good luck!
How can you tell if a cat is pregnant and the father is her son?
Q: I’m helping look after my neighbor’s cats for awhile since they left on vacation. The cats are a mother and her son. The mother seemed kind of fat and her stomach seemed to be round-ish but I have no idea how you can tell whether they are pregnant or not. Both the cats are not spayed or anything and only the mother cat and her son are the only pets. Can the mother tell that the other cat is her son? Or would she get pregnant with him? And any idea if they are pregnant, can they still be spayed or something? Please help!
A: Tell your neighbor to get one or both of the cats spayed/neutered or make sure the cats cant get to each other or the female will get pregnant it does not matter if the other cat is her son she will still get pregnant with him. One way to tell is she is pregnant is to fell her tummy is you can fell anything then she is pregnant if not get her away from the male or she will be. But my guess is yes she is most likely going to have kittens.
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