How can you tell the difference between about to have your period or being pregnant? <3 I. Wuv. Aaron

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Pregnancy and menstruation have many of the same symptoms, but usually a missed period is the first indication of pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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How can you tell the difference between spotting and your period …?
Hi, Your question is: How can you tell the difference between spotting and your period when it comes to being pregnancy? Periods while pregnant: You will not have a normal flow, heavy period and be pregnant. This is physcially impossible. …
How can you tell the difference between being pregnant and gettin…?
It is hard to tell because the symptoms are so similar. Usually with pregnancy your boobs will hurt 1st before you feel anything else. Honestly I think it is to early for you to be having all of these symptoms so soon, but some women are …

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How can you tell the difference between a “pregnancy period” and a normal period?
Q: I have heard that some women can still get their period while they’re in their first few months ofpregnancy. How is this possible? I thought having your period was the ultimate sign that you were not pregnant. I’ve heard that the “pregnancy periods” are shorter and lighter. Are they always shorter and lighter? Are there any other distinctions between them and a regular period? My period was about 15 days late this time, and I had unprotected sex twice a week after I was due for my depo-provera shot. For awhile I was scared I was pregnant, but I got my period yesterday. However, hypothetically, could I still be pregnant if I am getting my period and it seems to be of the same flow (I’m a moderate bleeder, not heavy or light), maybe just a bit lighter, and it started out really light but is a tad heavier now. I have the pain and weakness that I usually get with my period. Also, my breasts feel heavier and more sore. Does this sound like a “pregnancy period” or a regular period?
A: I don’t remember all of the details because it was a long time ago, but with both of my children, I got what I thought was a period in the early part of the pregnancy. I think the dates were off enough so that I thought I was pregnant then I got what I thought was a period. The way I remember, it started out like the beginning of a period, sort of spotting, then a little heavier to approach normal, then stopped, so my regular was 5 – 6 days, these were about 2 days. I don’t know what the depo-provera shot is, but could that be the cause for your late period? Regardless, I hope you are happy with the outcome, and to put your mind at ease, try a home pregnancy test or see a Doctor. Best of luck!
What are your thoughts on beginning sex education at a much younger age?
Q: If children had a better understanding of sex from a much younger age, would it be beneficial to them or not as they grow up? Would it be better to be honest with children right from the moment that they first ask us where babies come from, answering all the questions they have as honestly and as openly as we possibly can? Or would this cause problems?What about compulsory sex education in schools beginning at a very early age, such as even first grade. A course that lasts throughout the whole of their schooling, covering all aspects of sex, reproduction, including the risks involved. Is this a good thing or a bad thing and why?I first asked my mum what is sex at the age of 11 but she said ill tell you later but never did and she hasnt yet now i didnt know alot but know my friends are telling me and some of them are laughing at me sometimes and i dont really talk to my mum she says am always bad and rude in scool and jst not over a week she had a meeting with a teacher who told her bad and rediciouls things about me and now am not allowed to take my phone to scool and not allowed to give my number to anybody! and why is it important to know about sex at a young agewhat is the difference between SEX and ORAL SEX???? am too scared to ask anyone please help me and how can LESBIANS HAVE SEX?? i want to know(am not a one but i want to know any understand) if some1 had sex before puberty before they started their periods can they get pregnant or is there a chance that they will get pregnant when they started their period?? HELP PLEASE! thankx
A: Im campaining for it and not the only one. You really need to see the Lets Talk Sex Documentry below…This is the norm in many european countries and look at the links it works fineIt needs to be compusory not letting any kids get pulled out of lessons and no relgious excuses…Anyone starts mentioning morals relgions wise time for a lesson in the evils of the inquistion, kiddie abusing priests, hnour killing and stoning girls to death for dating.In the Netherlands the schools, youth clubs, media and parents all work together and make damn sure not only do teenagers know everything but are realxed and open so much so trips to sex shops or videos on female masterbation dont phase them in any way seeing it as normal1. and why is it important to know about sex at a young ageOk think swim lessons… why is it important to learn to sim before you fall off a pier? no practice, no clue = drown, with sex = stds and pregancy. Also emotional problems due to feeling shame, embarrasment, scared to ask stuff as made to feel sex is dirty if not taught yong instead of seeing it as part of life.Its better to be an expert before you do it as it only takes one screw up and beginners screw up most2.) Sex is penis in vagina, in out leaking precum sperm which can get you pregant before the male ejaculates ie squrts a load of sperm on top of the precum droplets which each contained millions of sperm so pulling out never works Then sometimes the cirls vagina convusles and gives her an orgasim… but this and a guy commingfeel really good.But also kissing, affection, feeling up and oral sex can be part of the warm up2b) Oral sex is licking each others genitals and usually the guy sucking the guys penis till he ejacualtes… sometimes in the girls mouth or squrts it over her often face, or breasts unless wearing a condom. You cant get pregant via oral alone but can catch stds… hoever if the sperm somehow gets to the girls vagina she can get pregnant ie spashed, dripped down, transfers vai fingers. guys also can go down on a female, licking her cliterous the bumpy bit under the hood at the front and labia/flapsOral sex is usually very enjoyable for the one recieving it.But keep bits very clean or ewu. Also fruit and cinemon makes things taste nicer, bitter food like coffee does the opposite.3. Yes you can get pregant if you have sex before your period as the bleed is the end of a cycle you may be on your first oneThe links after the stars will asnwer your questions. these are professional sexaul health agencies whos job it is to answer questions liek this and fart better then anyone hereSUCCESSFUL SEX ED COUNTRIES STATS AND INFO (see stats at bottom)Compared to American religious freak based, ‘keep kids innocent and they won’t have sex drives abstinence’ programs company that made the documentary series ofter do oral, finger sex… ie fingers playing with cliterous or going in vagina, using sex toys etc
Read this if you’re TTC…it’ll cheer you up…?
Q: Trying to Get Pregnant – Are You Trying Too Hard?Trying to conceive is supposed to be a natural process that is easy, at least, that is what people would lead you to think. Yet, if you have been trying to conceive for many months or even years, you may realize that having children does not come easily for everyone. In fact, each month, a woman has only a twenty to thirty percent chance of conceiving. Most women will conceive within a year of trying but a small percentage of women will still not conceive even after a year of diligently trying. this article continues below advertisement If you have been trying to conceive for any length of time you have probably been given advice from well-meaning or not-so-well-meaning friends or family. You have likely heard the suggestion that you need to relax and stop trying so hard. Maybe you were told something like this “I knew this couple that tried for years to get pregnant and as soon as they stopped trying, they got pregnant”. Or another common statement you might here is a story about someone who finally decided to adopt and then they turned up pregnant.Is there any truth to this? Does trying too hard really cut down your chances of conceiving? There has been much debate about the impact of stress on fertility. Some researchers believe that stress impacts fertility but it is not clear whether the infertility causes the stress or stress causes infertility. There is no question, that fertility issues can put a strain on any relationship. For a couple trying to conceive, the journey often starts out with enthusiasm and optimism. After several cycles of trying, this optimism may soon lead to despair and frustration.Although stress may have an impact on a couple’s fertility it is more likely that stress is the result of infertility not the cause. Most couples will conceive within a year of trying. For couples who do not conceive within a year or two of trying there is almost always a physical cause for their infertility. In fact, 90% of all infertility has an identifiable physical cause. Couples will want to be evaluated by a doctor if they have been trying for over a year and have not had success at conceiving. What about the stories of couples adopting and later becoming pregnant? Does fertility improve when you stop trying? This is simply not true. Although, it is not completely unheard of for a woman to get pregnant after adopting the statistics do not show any improvement in fertility. The percentage of women getting pregnant after adopting is about 5 percent, which is the same as women who have infertility and do not adopt. (source: Can you have too much sex? Does trying too hard cut down your chances of getting pregnant? Women only have a short period of time when they are fertile. Having sex frequently during this period of time will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Most experts recommend having sex at least every other day during a woman’s fertile period. It was once suggested that men with low sperm counts abstain from sex prior to ovulation to increase their sperm count. However, recent studies have not shown that abstaining improves sperm count. In fact In men with low sperm counts, the researchers found the volume of semen increased after prolonged abstinence, but the quality got gradually worse the longer the men held back.” ( The bottom line is that there is no such thing as trying too hard. The difference between a couple that conceives when trying and a couple that does not is not based on how hard they try. Implying that relaxation or not trying increases your chances of getting pregnant, only alienates couples that are trying to conceive and adds to their frustration. Exactly how do you try less when you desperately want a baby? There are no penalties for trying too hard. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over a year consult your doctor for fertility treatment options. Trying or not trying hard enough does not cause infertility.
A: Thanks for sharing it with everyone TTC..goodluck!
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