How can you tell your parents that you are pregnant

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You could write your parents a letter. Tell them you really want and need their support right now. Obviously, you don’t…MORE? [ Source: ]
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How to tell your parents you are pregnant can be very scary. The best way is to tell them is just to come out and say it. You should plan a meeting with them when they are going to be free of distractions.
・ 1 First write down everything you want to say. Are you going to simply tell them you are pregnant and… ・ 2 Arm yourself with knowledge. There are countless organizations that are dedicated to helping single… ・ 3 Now is the time to pre…
You have to tell your parents the earlier you tell them the more time they have to get over the shock. It doesn’t matter whether they are the type that do or do not understand that much. If you really feel that you can’t talk to them rememb…’re_pregnant

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How do you tell your parents that your pregnant?
Q: I have VERY strict parents. They try their best to keep me away from boys and to protect me from every bad thing in the world. I had sex last night without a condom so there is a very stong possibility that i will be having a kid in 9 months. and yes i know it was stupid. but i need to know how can i tell my parents this?
A: if you just had sex last night, you can still take the morning after can take itup to 72 hours after intercoursethere are some clinics that give it out for free,or you can get it for $30-40 at a grocery store pharmacy orwalgreens. planned parenthood gives it out for about $20.but to get it at a store you must be 18.i dont think you need to be for planned parenthood!if not, you need to tell your parents calmly. they are goingto have to accept it one way or wont be easy for you, or for them. but its important thatyou take responsibility for your actions.
What is some ways that you can tell your parents your pregnant as a teenager?
Q: Alright,so I am 16 turning 17 at the end of June.But i am 15wksand 5days pregnant[may2308],and i have not told anyone thatis in my family.I am terrified to tell my dad,I am scared of the possibility of him and his family disowning me.I am going to tell my grandmother on my moms side this weekend,i am sosure that my moms side will take this so much better than my dads will but the problem is i live with my dads parents.should i tell my dad and how should i?or should i move in with my moms family?please help,thanks for everyone that has answered this,and for anyones information.i havebeen to a doctor,and i dont have to getthem to sign anything,i can do it all onnmy own.and i dont live with my dad.and i dont really know where my mom is,so i would just be telling her mom&myyyaunt.but .. this girl that is basically my cousinis pregnant,and i showed him the picsson myspace&hes like &shes proud of that i bet shes not even married,and imlike shes a senior&hes like see & im like but what can you do about it now,&he was like thats a convo we shouldvehad a long time i am to scared to tell him.if worse comes to worse,i have a placei can stay other than my families whichhi might do/go anyways.
A: i would tell your moms family and if they accept it move in with them then tell your dads side of the family there are a few ways for telling your family you are pregnant 1just say it when the moment presents itself 2tell your grand mother by taking her aside and tell her 3 write it down on a piece of paper and give it to your grand mother/mother 4 tell your grand mother on your dads side by doing 2 or 3and 5 wait until your big (5 not recommended)goodluck!
What is the best way to tell your parents that you are pregnant?
Q: I am about 15 weeks pregnant and I did not find out until almost 9 weeks. I am 22 and a college grad. and my fianee (aka the dad) is 23 and a college grad. We live together and have been together for 4 years. We have also taken care of all the appointments for prenatal care ,insurance stuff already and found doctors. I was wondering what is the best way to tell our parents that I am pregnant. We both dont know how our parents will respond…but Im assuming that mine will be mostly happy but his parents will freak out. I would like to tell them in a cheerful way to everything goes better and it sounds like we are happy so they will be happy. I was thinking about sending them a baby picture frame with the ultrasound picture inside but Im not having one for 4 more weeks and I think we should tell them before 20 weeks. Any suggestions on how we can tell them??why do people feel the need to be a smart ass on here?
A: “Guess what? You are going to be grandparents!” And smile real big! In the end, everyone will love the baby. (I was in that same position, 9 years ago. He is the light of their life!)Goodluck Hon, and Congrats!
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