How can you tell you’re pregnant by your pee

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You can tell if you’re pregnant by urine is to use a pregnancy test, it measures the hCG levels-hormone secreted during pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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How many times a day go you pee when you’re pregnant?’re-pregnant
How many times someone urinates varies based on the person and how much they drink. ChaCha on!
Does it hurt to pee if you’re pregnant?’re_pregnant
No it shouldn’t hurt. painful wee can sometimes be caused by cystitis. Drinking cranberry juice and foods rich in vitamin c can help cure it.
Why do you pee a lot when you’re pregnant?
The pressure on your bladder in later trimesters. In the first trimester I think it’s all the extra blood flow to that area. You have to watch out for UTI’s!

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When would you tell that you’re pregnant when your husband wants to before you do?
Q: Last month 1/10, I had I guess a chemical pregnancy, positive hpt and then got my period a couple days later, I was devastated. Then on 2/5. lo and behold I get another positive test-confirmed independently by doctor’s pee and blood test. I already had a scare because the first hcg blood test came back freakishly low, then totally normal 2 days later which made my doctor think the first lab messed up. She also put me on progesterone when she found out how short my cycles have become because she’s afraid my luteal phase is too short. My husband and I work in the same office. I telecommute 3 days a week. Today he came home and mentioned he told someone at work I am pregnant. I have told a few people but I am trying to keep it quiet after what happened last time. He could tell I was upset with him and felt pretty bad about it, now I feel bad. He is just so excited to be having another baby, we told everyone when we were expecting my son and now I am all funny about it, Also my mom keeps saying I should not tell as if it will curse the fates. She wouldn;t even tell her sunday school class to pray for the baby, just say pray for Erin and Robert in their wishes to have another baby and said God would know what they meant. People at work etc are already noticing how horribly tired I am and can tell I don’t feel good and are getting concerned.Any advice on the matter?
A: i had a miscarriage last july and told everyone i was pregnant as soon as i found out, then had the miscarriage, i fealt terrible, especially that everyone knew and that i would have had to tell everyone the bad news. i fell pregnant again in October and told noone but a few close people until i was 13 weeks pregnant (because it’s second trimester it’s a lot less risky) now im 18 weeks and everythings fine. If you can just try and keep it as low key as possible util around then, i know it’s an exciting time for you and good luck 🙂
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