How did bella get pregnant by the vampire edward

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In Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward get married and go to Isle Esme for their honeymoon. Bella gets pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How does bella get pregnant if edwards a vampire??
Edward’s (who has no blood) Body is a series of venoms so when Bella when she’s human and Edward made love they can create a baby, a half vampire, half human. But when two vampires make love they cannot create a baby. But since Bella is a V…
Does bella and edward find out how it was possible for her to get…?
Carlisle figured out that a male vampire can get a female HUMAN pregnant but not another female vampire. The baby grows really fast because it is like it’s half-vampire (or in other words half-immortal at first), when Bella has the baby it …

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The reason Bella got pregnant by Edward, does this make sense ?
Q: Okay, so i think i found out the reason why Edward got Bella pregnant.Here’s a quote from Breaking Dawn, pages 125-126.Sorry if the punctuation is off, it’s a long quote, aha.”And then i remembered something–a morning of internet research that seemed a lifetime ago now. Sitting at the old desk in my room at Charlie’s house with gray light glowing dully through the window, staring at my ancient , wheezing computer, reading avidly through a website called “Vampires A-Z.” It had been less than twenty four hours since Jacob Black, trying to entertain me with the Quileute legends he didn’t believe in yet, had told me that Edward was a vampire. I’d scanned anxiously through the first entries on the site, which was dedicated to vampire myths around the world. The Filipino Danag, the Hebrew Estrie, the Romanian Varacolaci, the Italian Stregoni benefici (a legend actually based on my new father-in-law’s early exploits with the Volturi, not that I’d known anything about that at the time)…. I’d paid less and less attention as the stories had grown more and more implausible. I only remembered vague bits of the later entries. They mostly seemed like excuses dreamed up to explain things like infant mortality rates– and infidelity. No honey, I’m not having an affair ! That sexy woman you saw sneaking out of the house was an evil succubus. I’m lucky I escaped with my life! (Of course, with what i knew now about Tanya and her sisters, I suspected that some of those excuses had been nothing but fact.) There had been one of those for the ladies, too. How can you accuse me of cheating on you– just because you’ve come home from a two-year sea voyageand I’m pregnant? It was the incubus. He hypnotized me with is mystical vampire powers…That had been part of the definition of the incubus– the ability to father children with his hapless prey.I shook my head, dazed. But…I thought of Esme and especially Rosalie. Vampires couldn’t have children. If it were possible, Rosalie would have found a way by now. The incubus myth was nothing but a fable.Except that… well there was a difference. Of course Rosalie could not conceive a child, because she was frozen in the state in which she passed from human to inhuman. Totally unchanging. And human women’s bodies had to change to bear children. The constant change of a monthly cycle for one thing, and then the bigger changes needed to accommodate a growing child. Rosalie’s body couldn’t changeBut mine could. Mine did. I touched the bump on my stomach that had not been there yesterday.”Sorry that was so long, but yeah, i think that’s what happened. If it is a female human and a male vampire, and the vampire is pretty much an incubus, i think it can happen.So i think that’s how Bella became pregnant, because Edward is able to, somehow. I know you’re probably thinking “Edward doesn’t have any bodily fluids except venom” And so am i. But all i am saying right now is that if Meyer explains how that could happen, like maybe you only need venom from a male and an egg from a woman to create a half vampire half human, if maybe the venom can work like sperm?It’s a thought. I’m sorry, i didn’t mean that Edward was an incubus, though i did kind of say it, i was typing it out like how i would talk , and an idea came spur of the moment.Anyways, i don’t think that Edward is evil, i think that it could happen to any male vampire and female human.
A: Guys…this is a work of FICTION. Stephenie Meyer has already taken the artistic liberty to change her version of a vampire from the normal, traditional view. Why is it so hard to just let this happen and realize that, as the author, she has the right to make her characters different than another author makes theirs. Edward does not have to be an Incubus to get Bella pregnant. Let us all remember the supernatural element to these books. They are not supposed to be REAL; take that into consideration before you start freaking out about how unreal it is.This is kinda like watching “Cars”–a cartoon about TALKING CARS–and saying “you know, this is just not believable; that model can’t possibly turn that sharply”. You see how ridiculous it is?
How did Edward possibly get Bella pregnant in Breaking Dawn??
Q: KK so i finished the Book it wuz absolutely AMAZING by the way but i am confused! how did Edward get Bella pregnant cuz isn’t every part of him dead seeing as he is a vampire? Therefore he should be unable to produce sperm right? EXPLAIN PLEASE to a confused teen twilight lover!!!lolP.S. sorry if this isn’t the right category cuz this is a book series i am talking about but it has to do with pregnancy.. so there! lol jkPeople chill i know it is fictional and i know it is the wrong section!!!Haha and chill cuz i am NOT stressing over it i wuz just curious!!! JEEEZZZZZ!!!!
A: I loved the book too! :)Technically Edward is not dead like most people consider him to be, as he is still walking the earth. We do not know the specifics of how he got Bella pregnant. Everyone assumed that when Stephenie Meyer said vampires can’t get pregnant she also meant male vampires cannot reproduce. I thought so myself. However, it is unknown just how Bella got pregnant. Mrs. Meyer said at a recent Q and A that this will probably be discussed in the Twilight Saga guide coming how later this year.My own theories is that venom injected into Bella after intercourse reached her egg and merged, perhaps having some sort of chemical to have the effects of sperm. Or perhaps male vampires still produce sperm but the cells are mutated now that they are no longer human?Just a theory.
What did you think of Breaking Dawn? Yes or No and why?
Q: Personally, I thought the whole first half of the book was ridiculous! Bella getting pregnant by vampire venom? Wouldn’t the venom kill any sperm that Edward has? And the eggs in Bella, they would kill that too while turning her into a vampire because the venom was in her system! I thought the whole “Renesmee” concept was really random, and it made the feel for Twilight and the lovable characters all wrong. Plus, I like the ending– don’t get me wrong–, but Bella throughout the whole story has had to make no sacrifices of her own to get what she wants! (until she thought herself dead better than killing the fetus/baby/thingy) But seriously, she is selfish and in reality no one ever gets that happy ending without making sacrifices. Througout the whole book, Bella has gotten whatever she’s wanted no matter how much it hurt other people around her. She’s been babied into thinking that it’s none of her fault, too, even though she knows it is. I just don’t understand how she can be all “Oh, I don’t care that a freaky talking fetus is breaking my bones, smashing my intournal organs, and forcing me to drink blood so it can thrive in my abdomen like a parasite! I don’t care that it’s killing me, I’m going to love it anyway, no matter how much it hurts those other people I love! I don’t mind that the only reason Rosalie is helping me survive is to steal my fetus-child, I’ll let her! I don’t care that I’m dying on the floor and Rosalie is pretending that I’m healthy again while she’s cuddling and nudging noses with my baby! I don’t even care that my baby bit me! I’d let it bite me a thousand times just to see it’s gorgeous, parasitic face!!! Such a blessing!!!” So Meyer has oficially lost it, and written a crap-ending to the saga. Who agrees?
A: As far as the pregnancy, I shunned all the pregnancy rumors all along becuase it’s just not possible, Edwards bodily fluids, as Stephenie Meyer herself has said, have been replaced with VENOM! But then again it’s a work of fiction, and I think if Peter Pan can fly Bella can get pregnant if thats the way Stephenie wants it. Was it necessary though? NO. Jacob could have imprinted on someone else, anyone else. Her actually having the baby was a beautiful thing to me though, most mothers would give up there lives for their baby, not something I would do, but beautiful none the less. I think the novel itself was ended wonderfully though. Ah Rosalie makes me sick. Bella knew she was the only one who would take her side and help her keep her baby, so I can see why she ran to her, BUT she was even shocked “Rose” still felt the same way about her. I love the fact that Renesmee was only a ‘baby’ for about 3 days though, haha Rose in your face!! She didnt get a baby after all. I loved it, but I rushed through it, so I need to re-read it.
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