How did that man get pregnant

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Thomas Beatie is a transgender individual. He was born female and has all the reproductive organs even though he lives as a man. [ Source: ]
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Can you get pregnant if a man pulls out and doesn’t finish in you?’t-finish-in-you
The “Pull Out” method, also known as “Withdrawal”, if always done correctly only 4 in 100 girls in a year will become pregnant.
How do men get pregnant?
The only way that a man can get pregnant is if he has female reproductive organs. Otherwise, it is usually hoax if you see a pregnant man walking around, though it would be shocking, regardless!
Can a man get pregnant?
No, men cannot get pregnant. You need to have eggs and a uterus in order to get pregnant. When the sperm and egg meet they implant into the uterus and carry the baby.

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How did the “pregnant man” get pregnant “he” had a wife?
Q: I mean you need to fertilize an egg to get pregnant, but somehow he got pregnant? How? Does that mean he cheated on his wife with another man?
A: Donor insemination, of course. His wife couldn’t provide sperm, and he still had his reproductive organs from when he was a woman, so he had artificial insemination.That’s the story, anyway.
How did that pregnant man get pregnant?
Q: He has female genetalia and reproductive system but he is married to a woman… Did he have intercourse with a guy or have his egg fertilized in a pitri dish?
A: They explain it all to Oprah on here:
ever heard of that pregnant man on tv and how he had another baby what did the baby come out of?
Q: like when i say that how did the baby get out ESPECIALLY it being on a man! i know if your a WOMAN it come out of your vagina but for such a rare case and a man having a baby howdoes it come out c section what??ahh sorry know i get it lol i thought he was a man now i rember thanks!
A: he was a woman who did not get all the surgery to turn into a man – so he still had a vagina
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