How do i know if I’m pregnant but the test reads negative

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Here are some signs of pregnancy: Missed period, Unusual or abnormal period, Just “feeling” pregnant, Nausea and Vomiting, ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do i know if I’m pregnant but the test reads negative’m-pregnant-but-the-test-reads-negative
Here are some signs of pregnancy: Missed period, Unusual or abnormal period, Just “feeling” pregnant, Nausea and Vomiting, ChaCha!

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I have all the symptoms of being pregnant but every test that I take comes back negative, what could be wrong?
Q: I have all the cravings, the belly pain, my stomach is expanding, I keep having dreams that I’m pregnant. People I don’t know stop me and ask me how far along I am and I have to tell them that I’m not pregnant because I honestly don’t know. I do have an ovarian cyst and I have read that even if I am pregnant that it can cause the pregnancy test to come out as negative. What am I supposed to do, someone please help me.
A: You should confer with a doctor immediately.There are many options, including an ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, as well as an unidentified stillbirth that is still inside you. There’s also the possibility that this isn’t pregnancy related at all, but signs of some other health issue. Home pregnancy tests (which is what I assume you took), track hCG hormones (pregnancy hormones) relative to an “acceptable” range. If you are below that range, you could still be pregnant, but your hormone levels could simply be low.However, low hormone levels is still very serious, and it’s very much tied to a pregnancy that died but didn’t ever leave the body.Also, unless this is your second pregnancy or you’re pretty far along, you shouldn’t be experiencing any belly pain as a result of pregnancy. Generally, women complain most of ligament pain due to the weight the baby places on the muscles. But, if you’re early in your “pregnancy,” (say, under 4 months or so), there shouldn’t be any of that discomfort because the baby just doesn’t weigh enough.Get it checked out. If money is a concern, visit a clinic. Truly, nothing is more priceless than your health.
can i be pregnant even though i’m on the depo shot and got a negative test relsult already?
Q: In the second week of march i got the depo shot. i had a bad uti and had to go on antibiotics for about 2 weeks but the nurse knew and didnt tell me that i needed extra protection. but i read that antibiotics dont affect the shot.Well anyway i got a period 4 weeks later for a week but continued to spot for about the next week and a half as well. I havent seen a period since and have then got the next shot. But about four weeks ago i started noticing pregnancy symtoms. I have a four yr old. just frequent urination alot of hunger and extreme tiredness, no nasuea but i didnt throw up with the first pregnancy i also didnt have many normal pregnancy symtoms the first time .So about four weeks ago itook a pg test and it was negative. so i didnt worry about it. Well about 1 week ago i felt these weird feeling in my abdomen and kinda freaked but i was like no way. and now the feelings r there again, i’m not sure, if i did manage to get pg i’m probably 13 weeks r so, can i feel the baby now? I felt the first one a little later than that, but now i know how it feels.can the hormones of the depo shot be affecting the pregnancy test. I’m so confused.
A: Yes it is possible. I got pregnant with my 1st child after being on Depo for several years, after a bad infection and some medications I became pregnant later on, I showed no symptoms and didn’t even show positive on a pregnancy test, I found out when I was almost 13 or 14 weeks along and had some blood lab work that came back saying I was pregnant. Its better to go see your doctor if you think you may be pregnant even if you are on depo. It is a slight chance with any birth control that it is not 100% effective.
I got a negative reading pregnancy test on Monday, how long should I wait to take the next one??
Q: I breast feed non exclusively to my one year old, and it makes my menstraul cycles abnormal, but I know I still ovulate every month. My fiance and I began trying to conceive 4 weeks ago and I have began charting to help us succeed. I started the charting on the 28th of this month and my waking temp since then has been 98.7, 98.8, and then today’s is 98.9. I do not know if it is because I’m pregnant or because my normal is higher than I thought. Like I said, I just started the charting on the 28th so it’s too soon to tell. One other thing is I have been cramping on my right side and my cervical fluid is mostly dry till I use the restroom, than it’s white and lotiony. Excuse the info it its too much. Please, if you can give any info, I would appreciate it.
A: If you think you are pregnant and you are having pregnancy symptoms, you can tests every other day. The hcg hormone duplicates everyother day so, for early pregnancy it is best to test first thing in the morning, do not retest the same day later because the hcg amounts are so little that they will not show up and you will stress out. So test every other day for a week in the morning. Good luck!
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