How do I tell my parents that I am pregnant more

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Just be honest, and straightforward with facts, and then tell them you’d like to talk more about what do do now (Keep or no) [ Source: ]
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First things first, have you taken a pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant? if not, then I …
Do your parent’s know your sexually active? If not, While your in the car, spark a canversation pretending you are referring to a movie or a freind from school that is in your exact situation. Slickly try to find out how(he, or she) would …
If your 21 it’s not the end of the world anyway. I’m sure it will be a bit of a shock for them since you haven’t finished school and what not but they’ll get over it I’m sure. Most grandparents to be get quite excited about it after the ini…

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How do I tell his parents I am pregnant?
Q: I have this constant fear of disappointing my husbands parents. His mom is more easy going than his dad but it is still quite intimidating, what would be the best way to tell them? I mean I kinda want to wait to tell them until I am showing, but I know that isnt the best way.
A: Invite them over for dinner. Put little name cards at the table and instead of using their names, use “grandma” and “grandpa” Serve things like baby carrots or baby corn or things in baby portions. For dessert, make a cake that says “we’re pregnant” If the name cards and baby portions dont make them realize, the cake sure will! Its cute and they will see you put an effort into telling them. If you make it like you and your husband are really excited, they should be too. Good luck!
How do i tell my parents that i am pregnant?
Q: I am 17 years old and i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years we just recently started to have intercourse a lil after my 17th birthday. I was always wanting to wait till marriage but that was a hard decision to follow. My parents want so much for me and i wanted more for myself also. My boyfriend and i always use protection but one day the condom broke! My period is a week late right now and it is usually regular. I’m not sure if i am pregnant or not but im worried that if i am…i wouldnt know how to tell my family! I know that no matter what i want to keep the baby but im just worried of their reactions! Whats a good way to break it to them?
A: Get a pregnancy test. The e.p.t comes with two. Use one on a Monday and use the other on the following Monday. Waite another week before you take the tests. You might be irregular because of the fact that you are now starting to have sex. Different hormones and things like stress or change of diet can make you irregular also. You will know for sure after 3 weeks of no period. “Don’t jump the gun”Tell them if you are sure.. Tell them both at same time and start with……………..I have been with my boyfriend for two years and we love/like and plan to get married or be together.Then tell them that you are sexually active with him and only him, but only since you turned 17 and that you have always used protection.Explain that you want them to understand that you and your boyfriend have discussed the future with or without kids and that you and your boyfriend agree that what ever happends you both will make that proper decisions for the child.Then tell them…. He was wearing a condom and the condom broke, I know that I am pregnant and I do plan to keep it no matter what. Then cry a little, but be adult and strong.End it with…..No matter what I hope you both will accept me, my child and my boyfriend, because I really want you both to be as great of grandparents to this child as you have been parents.Compliment with guilt with reality….Good luckJust so you don’t think this is wierd I am trey6z wife…….ha ha ha haThis might be wierd from a dude….I think the spell check is broke ……….
I am 25 and pregnant. I am scared to talk to my parents about anything so how do I tell them I am pregnant?
Q: I am 25 and just found out that I am 5wks pregnant…. I have a very hard to explain relationship with my parents…. I don’t spend much time with them and all they do is put me down for the things I do and tell me off about stuff so most of my life I have argued and battled to show them I am me and not going to change….. My parents are very strict with my siblings and I and don’t want to be grand parents making that very clear any chance they get….. My parents are very much for aborting if any of us girls get pregnant and it not being our choice as we are apparently ruining our lives….. So my question is how do I tell my parents that I am pregnant and not aborting or adopting….. I am very excited about being pregnant and am more then ready to take on this challenge and miracle God has granted me but am really scared to tell my parents knowing their views…..
A: You are 25! What they think isn’t really that relevant anymore, it’s your life. Do what you think is right for you, don’t let the thought of what they may say or do stop you from having a baby. Congrats!
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