How do you get a false result on a pregnancy test

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The only way to get a false result is by not being pregnant. Thank you for using ChaCha today! [ Source: ]
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How do you get a false result on a pregnancy test
The only way to get a false result is by not being pregnant. Thank you for using ChaCha today!
Is it likely to get a false negative pregnancy test result at thr…?
i’m not sure but if the test is old or has expired then you probably can.
Can you get a false negative pregnancy test result with an IUD??
IUDs do not effect home pregnancy tests.

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Is it possible to get a false negative pregnancy test result if you are only one 2 days late?
Q: When should I retake the test. I was supposed to start my mens yesterday, and yes I my husband and I are trying, but it hasn’t come yet. This past week I have been have pms/ pregnancy symptoms. Such as, nausea, gas, tiredness, so on and so forth. We are taking clomid and metformin. I have been charting and all that good stuff. What do you think. Does anyone have any idea of what I am going through. How long should I wait before I see my OBGYN?
A: you might be late because you are stressing. wait another week and take another one. when i got pregnant my hubby and i were trying also. i missed my period so i took 3 test at home. then i was scheduled for my toncils to come out. i took a test at the hospital and it also came out negative. a week after i had my tonsils out i took another test at home and it was positive. the next night i started himerageing from my throat and had it comfirmed by the hospital that i was 6 weeks pregnant. thank god my daughter is ok after all of the surgerys i had. but what i am basically trying to say is that, i could take a really long time to show up.
ANYONE w/ FALSE POSITIVE pregnancy test results..??? PLZ RESPOND?
Q: I’ve been on the depo provera shot since june, I have never been late for a shot, and after my first shot my periods stopped all together, I believe I am possibly miscarrying or I am pregnant. The last time I had sex was in November, but I cannot tell if I have missed my period since being on the shot, I do not get my period…BEFORE I take a HPT I would like to know..-have you had false positive results on the shot?-if yes, how many false positive results did you get?-how many weeks after your injection, did you get the false positive results?Thank you for all of your help!QUIT saying false positives are IMPOSSIBLE….they are not as common as false negatives, but they happen…and they appear most in women on the depo provera shot..I’d appreciate it if you only answser if you have experienced this…
A: My friend was on Depo. She took a test once right after her shot and got a positive. It turned out she wasnt pregnant and that the shot was giving her pregnancy hormones. She continued getting depo.Well a couple years later she got the shot (as usual) and had sex with a condom on, but that broke. She missed her period for 3 months and thought nothing of it. She tested for pregnancy because her boobs were sore and it was positive. She went in for an ultrasound a week later and yes she was pregnant. She just had her little boy January 14th, 2009.I’d say the only way to definitely know is to get an ultrasound. Oh and my sister had one shot and never got it again, but the next time she got pregnant it was a missed miscarriage and we think it had something to do with Depo. I’d stay away from that form of BC.
Has anyone gotten a false negative home pregnancy test after a missed period?
Q: If so, how far along were you when you finally did get a positive result on a home pregnancy test?If you never got a positive home pregnancy test, but in fact was pregnant, how did you find out?Why didn’t you believe the test was negative?Did you just feel pregnant??Please tell me your stories! Thanks so much!
A: i got 2 neg tests and i was about 4 weeks along. I ended up finding out i was really pregnant when i was 7 weeks along. honestly it couldve been a faulty test or i just didnt pee on it long enough. I had never been pregnant b4 so when i was suddenly throwing up ALL the time i thought i was seriously ill lol.hope this helps!
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