How do you get on the show sixteen and pregnant

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Is the show sixteen and pregnant a good influence on young girls …?
The show “16 and Pregnant” is an excellent show that will help young girls realize how difficult teen pregnancy can be.
How did the girls on 16 and pregnant get on the show?
I’d imagine the makers of the show put out ads in media aimed at that age group asking those interested in being on it to get in touch.
How did the girls on “16 & Pregnant” or “Teen …?
Well one of my friends got pregnant at 15 and they asked her to be on the show and she said no because she doesn’t like how they show only the downsides of being a teen mom. She is now 16 and has a 3 months old son who she loves very much a…

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my 15 yr old friend loves WANTS to get pregnant!!!!! what is wrong with her?
Q: she called me up just now and was saying how she was just watching the secret life of the american teenager on her laptop and how she watched juno too. i didnt really care until she said she WANTS to get pregnant but not really. i was like “what are you saying? do you really wanna b a 15 yr old mom and have a completely destroyed life?” well apparently watching all these shows with pregnant girls makes her wanna have a human being growing in her. i feel bad because i kinda yelled at her about how stupid she is for wanting her life to be destroyed and never getting social time if she did get pregnant. anyway shes kinda crazy or hormonal i guess. she says she wants a kid to live in her but shes only of the pain that is to come when she goes into labor/ gives birth. are there any good things about being a pregnant 15 year old… almost sixteen yr old? i feel like i was unfair to her but i dont want her to ruin her life by doing something she will later regerert. i need to know what are the benefits of being a teen mom KEEPING the baby. i know its a stupid question. please do not talk bad about her i just need to know what are the benefits
A: I find it interesting that young girls look to the media and movies as examples – what terrible role models these people are! They make pregnancy look fun, exciting, etc. not showing you the reality of what REALLY happens. Keep being a good friend to her by harping on her that this really isn’t what she wants right now and is NOT a good idea!As far as I can tell, there are no real “benefits.” Unless you count the ones you’ll get for being on state assistance because you are financially unstable, not in a responsible, strong relationship and have no freaking job. You are not being unfair to her – just realistic – the only thing that’s unfair is her bringing a new baby into this world just because she wants to know what it feels like. There’s so much more to it than just ‘glowing from pregnancy’ and all that crap – you have to bring that baby home and RAISE IT! *sigh*I’ve told other people on here before: if you want to have a baby, follow a young, struggling mother home after she’s gone through labor for 30+ painful hours. Watch as she struggles to care for herself, her other children, her husband and her house, maybe pay bills or hold down a job, all while this child demands her full attention 24/7 and wants to be held all the time. It’s hard enough when you’re older and more mature; I can’t even fathom doing it while I was 15. Times must have changed a lot since I was a teen LOL (not that long ago), because at 15, this was the *last* thing on my mind!
Do you think giving a baby up for adoption is an easy way out?
Q: Yesterday there was a question about the show on MTV sixteen and pregnant. It was a question have you seen that show. On the season finale a teen couple decide to give their baby a better life and chose to give the baby up for adoption without their parents support. I thought the show was very touching and sad. Someone said that they thought this decision was an easy way out. I have to say i completely disagree with that. How could that be an easy way out. I mean they are giving their baby a better life that they know they cannot do at this time. I think that would be the hardest thing I would ever have to do. I just want to see how mothers feel about this. My dad and husband were both adopted. I do not know much about my dad’s circumstances but my husband and his siblings were removed from their mother because of abuse so obviously it is a different situation but he got a better life out of it.Jillian would it be better for parents to get by and live paycheck to paycheck but keep their baby. And live on welfare or give it up to a couple who have great jobs, and have a stable family life that really want a child? I do agree with you though. Some people are completly irresponsible and lazy.
A: No, I don’t think it’s the “easy way out.” I couldn’t imagine ever thinking that going through a pregnancy and delivery would be easy under any circumstances, but then to give up your child, knowing that you cannot provide for this tiny, helpless baby that you have grown inside of you for 9 months, well that is just a totally selfless act to try and find a better life for that child. No, there is no guarantee that it will be a better life, but adoption is really doing your best if you feel you are incapable of raising this baby.I will probably get thumbs down for this, but I think the true “easy way out” that teenagers take these days is having the grandparents raise their baby. I’m a high school teacher in what was, until last year, California’s county of the highest teen pregnancy rates, which is also a county of low median income. Every year I have at least 3 sophomores who are pregnant. Every year I have at least 1 freshman who is pregnant. And these are just the ones I know of, the ones in my particular classes, the ones who decide to keep the baby. But, keeping it means living off of their moms and dads, who are also low-income, dual full-time working families, Now mom, who is almost finished raising her kids, has a grandchild living there as well, is taking care of the grandchild while the mom is at school, is scraping by to pay for the needs of this baby because mom isn’t even old enough to get a part time job, and is watching the baby in the evenings and weekends while mom is out with her friends. And, in my experience, mom and baby will be living with grandma for many more years. Is this really a better option?
Is the TV show “Maury” real or fake?
Q: If you stay up late it’s usually on during the week. It’s about how some daughters and sons misbehave and all they want is sex and girls talk about getting pregnant at age sixteen and some of them would hit their parents or brothers or sisters. I find it hard to believe to be honest but I know there are some rotten kids out there. What do you honestly think?Thanks for your answers and have a wonderful day.I agree madagain but I think they would air it for money and to keep the company safe and hoping to make a huge profit by having higher ratings is my guess but those kids really need to be punished. It sickens me.
A: fake and really stupid
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