How do you get pregnant on the first try

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There is a four-day window around the time of ovulation when you are most apt to get pregnant. Thanks for using ChaCha tonight! [ Source: ]
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How I Got Pregnant the First Try, Every Time
When my husband and I first decided to have a baby I was determined to get pregnant immediately. Now I knew that on average it takes around 6 months to get pregnant, but I did not have the patience to wait that long. I tried almost every su…
Is it common to get pregnant on the first try?
I did. Too much stress or excitement about it can keep you from getting pregnant though. There are so many people that try for years, and the week they finally get their adopted child, they get pregnant too! SO, more than anything, the key …
Can you get pregnant on first try?
It is possible on the first try but it can take healthy couples as long as 6 months. I know I’ve read that whole milk dairy products can help fertility. I think the missionary position gives the sperm the best angle for getting to the egg! …

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Is it possible to get pregnant on the first try after being on the pill for so long?
Q: i have been off birth control for a month and a half but previously had been on it for four years. Is it possible for someone like me to get pregnant the first month i try? Also does your mom having a long history of miscarriages have anything to do with how you will conceive?(she has 4 kids and the last one she had with only one ovary though god bless herP.S. my mom is miss fertile myrtle and gets pregnant if someone sneezes near her! ha ha
A: Yes it certainly is possible, it happened to me with my 4th baby. I had been on the pill for 3 years when we decided to start TTC again and i basically stopped the birth control pills had a period and fell pregnant!!! I’M not sure that miscarriages are passed down from mother to daughter, that one may be better off answered by your doctor. Good luck…..
Has anyone had trouble getting pregnant after the first baby?
Q: My son is 15 months old and we’ve been trying to get pregnant for about four months and it’s not working. I’m regular and ovulating, so I’m unclear as to why. We concieved immediately on the first try with baby number 1. How long did it take you to get pregnant with baby #2? I had a c-section birth for the first. Could this affect my fertility at this point?
A: i myself had 3 misscarriages in between our two girls and each one of those were 1 yr. apart. my kids are 5 years and 9 months apart. MY hubby and I are trying to get pregnant again also and have lost 2 pregnancies already. so good luck to you and lots of baby dust
How many of you got pregnant on the first try?
Q: My mom is so sure that when me and my husband try for baby #2 around christmas time that we’ll get pregnant on the first try. She said that she got pregnant on her first try with both me and my sister. And her mom got pregnant with all 3 of her babies on the first try and my mom’s sister did with her two boys. We got pregnant with our first while on birth control pills so I duno if that counts as the first try.So what are the chances really of getting pregnant on our first try!?first try means actually trying to get pregnant!i know my body very well. i chart my temps and cervical mucus for the past 8 months and i’m not on birth control pills so i don’t have to worry about that either!
A: I think thats a pretty good chance of happening. Sounds like your fertility rate is high. I mean if you got pregnant while on birth control & thats only a 1% chance of happening. I say yea you would definitely get pregnant on the first try. I myself according to the o.b. & my due date I got pregnant on the first try.
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