How do you get pregnant when you are not on your period

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Ovulation – starting with the day the last menstrual period starts or by calculating 12-16 days from the next expected period. [ Source: ]
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Sore boobs and not got my period yet.. am I pregnant??
Get a pregnancy test to make sure but you can have sore boobs when you are getting ready to menstruate. I would take the test as a precaution. Even the cheap ones can give you a good idea of what is going on.
Can you get pregnant and not have a period?
From the moment you are pregnant, you will no longer have a period untill 3-12 weeks after you’ve given birth. The other way around: If you haven’t started your period yet, you have a very little chance of getting pregnant. The first period…
Am I infertile? Can i still get pregnant even thought i do not ha…?
thanks for the additional information. If I am understanding you correctly, after a few months on the pill, you didn’t have a period at all for around six and a half years. the most likely explanation for this is premature menopause. Unfort…

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How do you get pregnant if your period is not stable?
Q: My fiance and I has been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years now. The thing is, I get my period every first or second week of the month. there is never an exact date on when I’ll have it. I know the trick about laying down and your legs up in the air for 30 mins, but is there any other way to find out when I’m obvulating? Please let me know.
A: Just do it everyday!
how do you know when your ovulating and when your not ovulating can you get pregnant.ovulate?
Q: and when you are ovulating can you get pregnant and when your on your period can you get Pregnant?
A: you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating which is only like 3 days out of the month. usually during this time your discharge texture is a little like rubber goo. you can also take a ovulation test from the drug store, if that is you are trying to get pregnant
Can you get your period if you are pregnant?
Q: I was wondering if someone could help me out on this one. I stopped taking birth control like a month ago because I missed my doctors apt and I was not able to get anymore birth control until a few weeks after that I have not started taking it yet though you have to wait until the Sunday after you get your period to start taking it I did have unprotected sex but he did not go in side me he pulled out before he went but I thought that maybe you could still get pregnant off of pre cum but anyways I got my period today and I was wondering could I be pregnant and can you get your period when your pregnant? Or am I just worrying about all this and how could you tell if you had a miscarriage? because my period is very heavy and it is really bright red and it has black chunks in it and that dose not usually happen until the end of my period but it is usually dark not red at the end or could it be that my period is acting different because I stopped taking birth control? I don’t know I think I am just worrying myself but if you have and answers for me that would be very helpful. Thanks so much
A: well my sister had her period all threw pregnancy
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