How do you know if you are pregnant if your period is irregular

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A qualitative pregnancy blood test at the Drs. office will confirm pregnancy by measuring the presence of hCG in the blood . [ Source: ]
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How to know when you’re pregnant with an irregular period??
You really can’t know. If you’re period is that irregular, chances are you weren’t ovulating just 2 or 3 weeks after your period, of course, then again, you never know. You can wait for your period, or wait for pregnancy symptoms to show up…
When can i know if I’m pregnant if my period is irregular??
are you serious? you don’t know how to use a pregnancy test well you pee on a stick and wait for it to tell you whether your pregnant or not if it is timing your worried about then you should wait until your period is due if it has not com…
How would you know if you’re pregnant if your period is irregular…?’re_pregnant_if_your_period_is_irregular
There are other signs of pregnancy other than a missing period: headaches, dizziness, nausea, tiredness. Other symptoms experienced are becoming more sensitive to smells, sore breasts and nipples, adversion to coffee, a taste of metal in yo…

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can you get pregnant if your period is irregular? and how do you know?
A: Yes, my periods are 1 and 2 months apart. When I got pregnant, I was at 2 months at not having a period. Even though I didn’t have regular periods, I have regular ovulation. I had a feeling I was pregnant before my period was supposed to start. Though I do not have normal period times, they are consistently 1 month and 2 months. I took test 1 week before my 2 month time and was pregnant. When I went to the doctor, I was 4-5 weeks pregnant. It’s very difficult to know when you ovulate when you have periods like this, but it is very possible.19 weeks pregnant.
How do i know, when my period is already irregular?
Q: Ok..I am 19 and i’ve been sexually active for 3 i know all the signs, all the do’s and dont’s, and all that stuff.Well, I used to have a really irregular period and so i got put on birth control to even it out. I stayed on it for about three months but i didn’t like how it made me feel so i stopped taking it. i have been without birth control for a little over a year now..well my period was still kind of regular even after i stopped taking my birth control, but for about the past 6 months it has been irregular again, which is no problem for me because i kind of like only having my period every other month=] but…me and my fiance always use a condomn when we have sex, however last week we did not and you know..(he went inside me)…My question to you is:…it is easier or harder to get pregnant when your period is irregular..i mean do you ovulate more or less?? it is really hard to tell if i will miss a period after this for irregularity or if it will be for pregnancy..i mean i am already used to my period being really off, so how will i notice??any advice on ovulation or period irregularity would be really nice=]thank you everyone!Aw thanks guys all of yall are will be hard for me to pick best answer lol thank you!!
A: i was the same as you.. my periods were every where and i couldnt figure out when i was ovulating… you dont ovulate less or more.. try and get an adverage period time thats most of the time right and go to google and type in ovulation calculater and it will tell you roughly wen you do ovulate then you can figure out if you had sex on those day… hope that makes sensegood luck
how do you know when your ovulating if your period is irregular sometimes?please help.?
Q: my last period was around the 9th of october. i have been having sex almost everyday?when do you know your ovulating?what are the signs..whats my high risk of getting pregnant?is there any positions that help you get pregnant faster please help 😀 xxx
A: I agree that if you’re very irregular, you should chart your cervical mucus. Google ‘EWCM’ for more info. When you start to get the EWCM you can then begin an OPK or use ovulation predictor strips. That should help immensely. Finally, charting your morning temperatures is the ONLY way to know for sure that you’re ovulating. You can find out more at
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