How do you know you are for sure pregnant

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Take a home pregnancy test! They are available at many dollar stores. Pregnancy symptoms include missed period and nausea.ChaCha [ Source: ]
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You can take an at-home pregnancy test at the time of your first missed period. They are inaccurate prior to that time. 242 242
Either do an at home pregnancy test or go to your OBGYN.
Periods stop

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how do you know if your cat is for sure pregnant?
Q: plz help i need to find out if my cat is pregnant because she was skinny and then she got fatter and i think she may be pregnant plz help me thank you
A: your cat’s belly will get so big as to elevate it’s feet so that the feet won’t touch the ground. That’s why pregnant cats can’t walk.
how do you know if a cat is for-sure pregnant?
A: Here are several sites that will help you tell. I’m sorry i can’t help more.
🙂 i am pregnant, how do i tell my parents?
Q: now that i know i am pregnant i am so happy!! this baby is my first child,.. me and the babys father,.. we are so happy,…But we are scared to tell my parents,.. because me and my boyfriend live together and my parents said to us,.. it’s fine that we live together just dont come home and tell us you guys are pregnant,… how should we tell my parents? and when should i tell them because i found out on monday i was for sure pregnant,.. i was going to tell them yesterday but my dad is in the hosptial,… so help please…
A: ouch! sit them down, with your bf and tell them… assure them that everything will be fine; and let them know how important their support is!
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