How do you make yourself not pregnant

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How do you make yourself feel pregnant if your not??
that is one of the dumbest questions ive ever heard what are you…….gay or something?
Is it possible to make yourself have pregnancy symptoms even if y…?
It is possible to believe that you are sick when you really are not. A lot of “illnesses” occur because we put the idea in our head ourselves. I use to believe that if anyone around me got sick, I was going to get it too. I slowly…

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How do you make yourself look pregnant?
Q: I have to make myself look pregnant for a drama exam and i would just like some good suggestions of how to do it. please(any crap sarky stupid comments are not needed thanks i actually want genuine answers, if your gonna be an idiot then dont answer the question)
A: Put on a loose shirt firstly.Than put a smallish pillow over that, and duct tape it to the shirt.Then put a tighter shirt above it and wear a belt tucking the shirt into the pants.This is what I did, and it worked great.The loose shirt is to make sure the tape doesn’t stick to your skin, and pull.Good luck!!
How to make yourself believe?
Q: How do you make yourself believe that you are beautiful when you really feel that your not? Grant it i am 8 months pregnant, i have always felt this way. I feel like im just ugly and there is not a thing sexy about me. My husband says that i am beautiful and when i say that im a big girl he tells me im small. before i was pregnant i weighed 143 lbs im 5’2. I’ve got a gut. theres so much that i would change about me. I would change my stomach make it flatter, give myself a bigger but cause i dont think i have any butt at all, i’d give myself bigger boobs because i only have a b cup and i would get a nose job b/c my nose looks like its got a bubble on it. But even my friends and people i dont know tell me that im not fat or ugly. I have always heard that if you make yourself believe you are sexy and beautiful people will see you as such. But how can u make yourself believe that when you just REALLY dont think it.
A: let me tell you something from a guys point of view. me and the wife sit and watch tv and cannot help but see how many commercials are geared toward woman. If you don’t have the best hair, nails,figure,butt,boobs, everything you get the point your not worth being with! but what you and a lot of women don’t get is that the man that is with you love you for who you are, not for all the thing that you are not. we(most) don’t look at thing like that. so my advice to you stop picking yourself apart and be happy. hope it helped
How do you make yourself feel better when you’ve failed?
Q: I auditioned for my school play. I hit my monologue alright, but afterwards he split us all up into pairs. We had to take 3 lines from each of our monologues and put them together to make a conversation. It didn’t have to MAKE SENSE, it just had to SOUND right. I totally failed it.Not only did he have to come over and be like “You guys are really overthinking this” to my partner and I when we were trying to make it MAKE SENSE, but… well, I was supposed to be a pregnant lady. And he was my friend, trying to counsel me. But I went COMPLETELY braindead when I went up there. I was like a robot. I didn’t put in nearly enough emotion. I did HORRIBLE.The results (for callbacks) were supposed to be posted 4 minutes ago – I KNOW I didn’t get in, but seeing my name not on the list will probably make me cry. I’m too chicken to check them. I KNOW I could have done so much better if I had just focused. Argh… what do I DOOO….
A: Don’t worry about it so much. I know it’s sometimes hard to bounce back after you screw something up, but you can do it. Just remind yourself that nobody’s perfect and even the most successul people in the world have had their share of failures or embarrassments. It’s through failures that we learn and grow, so just chalk it up to a learning experience and move on, knowing that you’ll do better next time. When I was in college, I was in a play and during a time when I was the only actor on stage, delivering a lengthy monologue, I completely froze up and couldn’t remember anything! I panicked and I actually said OUT LOUD, in front of the entire audience, “Oh my God, I forgot my lines!” The whole audience broke into laughter, which just made me feel worse. I just made up some lines to get off the stage quickly and the play then continued. I thought I would die of embarrassment and I cried backstage afterwards. But I went on to get a degree in theater arts and managed to have some very successful performances after that disaster. So you see, it is possible to bounce back after a failure, as long as you figure out what went wrong and why it went wrong so that you won’t make the same mistakes again.
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