How do you mate a tiger

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A female will enter oestrus, or ‘heat’, either seasonally — if it is a temperate climate — or throughout the year in more tropical areas. Oestrus is the time when a female is receptive and able to become pregnant. She will signal her (more?) [ Source: ]
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How can a tiger and a lion mate if there territorial?
Yes, it is possible for lions and tigers to mate and create a “liger”. Keep on ChaCha’ing with us Today!
How do tigers mate?
Tigers mate when ever they can, they have the baby after 7 months and the female tiger has 2-3 cubs per birth. The female lets of signals that she is in heat by scenting her territory.
When does a tiger mate?
Mating in tigers can happen all year round but it usually happens between November and April

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Do you know how a liger was made? Doesn’t this prove that different animals could have been created by nature?
Q: A liger was made when a lion male and a tiger female mated with each other. Doesn’t this mean that different animals were created by nature instead of a God like the bible states. It is for sure that God didn’t create this liger, nature did. So this could mean that a prior species mated together and created the chicken. This means that two different species matted and created the chicken. The chicken egg came first and created the species chicken. In conclusion the egg came first then the chicken. Finally, this would mean that nature created the (egg) of the big bang and created the universe the (chicken). If nature created the liger. Why could’t nature create the universe?oldguy63 i get your point maybe there are different species because there are different environments. i don’ know could that explain it.
A: I see your point, but, usually when two different species get together and are able to create offspring, their offspring is sterile.
Did you know the following?
Q: 1. You can never offend by talking behind someone’s back because it would be their front.2. 2 wrongs don’t make a right,but 2 sharp lefts do3. Most people don’t know how to use either effect or affect in a proper sentence?4. A lion can mate with a tiger?5. This poll was submitted with a migrane headache?6. I left my old lady in the car to freeze cuz she was being a bitch?Ya do now!!!!
A: i knew like 3 of those loli have a bad headache too!! 🙁
how do you get fish to mate?
Q: How do I get fish to cross breed if I dont know their sex? I currently have 5 fish in a 10 gallon tank. We only know 2 of the types- Tiger Barb and a Pink Kissing Gourami. the others are – 2 of them are orangish yellow with black and blue fins.the other is completely orange and is fat. How do i get any of these to mate?
A: First of all, they need another one of their species, and the other one needs to be the opposite sex. In some fish it’s easy to tell which one is male or female, like guppies, swordtails or Bettas. In others, it can be a guessing game, like Gouramis (kissing fish).It’s also best that they have a tank to themselves, because the other fish will often eat the eggs or babies (sometimes called, “the fry”). If you want to learn how to reproduce fish, it’s probably easiest to start with guppies because they reproduce like rabbits!Some of the best aquarium books on fish rearing are by Herbet Axelrod, who wrote about his pioneering work around the 1960’s, and much of it is still true & helpful today.Behatzlecha! L’chaim! d;)!בהצלחה
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