How do you now when a cat is pregnent

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You will notice a significant weight gain in your cat, particularly in the abdominal area. Your pregnant cat will start MORE? [ Source: ]
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How Do You Now If Your Cat Is Pregnant?
It’s pretty hard to tell whether or not a cat is pregnant until the cat is at least halfway (sometimes more) through her pregnancy. Some signs of pregnancy in felines include: Enlarged, increasingly pink nipples (the easiest sign to recogni…
Can I Keep My Cat Now That I’m Pregnant?
You can keep, and continue to cuddle with, your friendly feline — just don’t change your precious pet’s litter box. An infection called toxoplasmosis can be spread through soiled cat litter boxes and can cause serious problems in a fetus, i…
Should i be worried if my cat is pregnant and now is lost??
Just try and find your cat as you would. Cats are perfectly capable of giving birth on their own, it’s their instinct, so unless anything goes wrong during the birthing (which there is only a slim chance) then she should be fine. It also de…
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