How do you say are you pregnant in Spanish

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“You are pregnant.” is “Usted esta embarazado.” in Spanish. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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embarazada, or encinta or preñada
Embarezada encinta
The word pregnant is “embarazada” in Spanish. Hope this helps you out! ChaCha on!

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how do you say “she was pregnant at 16” in spanish?
Q: I’m doing a family project in spanish and i’m talking about my sister please answer asap because it’s due tomarow! thanks
A: Estaba embarazada a los 16 años. ***********you could also say ‘Estaba embarazada cuando TENIA (not tiene) 16 años’ but the literal translation from that would be ‘She was pregnant when she was 16’ ; not ‘she was pregnant AT 16Oh and you do not need to add pronouns most of the time in Spanish so putting ‘ella’ before ‘estaba’ isn’t necessary, although you could if you wanted 🙂
How do you say “somersalts” in spanish?
Q: You know, like, the gymnastics move, when you roll on the floor, in a ball?I’m only asking this because I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I want to send my boyfriend and text message telling him that the baby is doing somersalts in my belly, but as much spanish as I know, I don’t know how to talk about something like that.Lol. Any ideas?
A: Hi! ‘Somersault’ is best translated into Spanish as ‘voltereta’. Other acceptable translations are: maroma, pirueta, vuelta de campana,.
how would you say “im going to have a baby”? in spanish?
Q: not “im pregnant”, i know that is “estoy embarazada” (im not sure if that’s spelled right) but im doing a skit for spanish class and i need to say that im about to have my baby (or im in labor)
A: Im about to have my baby = Estoy a punto de dar a luz Im in labor = estoy dando a luz”estoy embarazada” is correct for Im pregnantBesitos
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