How do you say pregnant in French

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I am pregnant translated from English to French is Je suis enceinte. Félicitations means Congratulations! Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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How do you say I’m pregnant in french?’m_pregnant_in_french
je suis enceinte
How can you say ‘to be full’ in French to mean that you are pregn…?
I believe it’s “Je suis pleine,” which is the literal translation for “I am full,” only “pleine” is used for “pregnant” when talking about animals.
What is the french word for pregnant?
pregnant – enceinte Used in a sentence e.g. She’s six months pregnant – Elle est enceinte de six mois.

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French problem??
Q: How do you say pregnant in French, i am doing an “agony aunt” letter for school and i need to know how to say i am pregnant. Thanks
A: pregnant in french is…enceinte
what to do, we’re different?
Q: when I found out I was pregnant my French bf asked me to stay in Paris and marry him. I want to and I do believe that he really loves me but I can’t quite understand him sometimes, he is … I don’t know how to tell, you know different from me, different from my lifestyle, different from my American habits, everything he’s so different. I know eventually I’ll end up saying yes becuz I want to (and have to) and its not about my being affected by the comments, but I just want to know what would you do if you were me?Please no answers like “why do you ask us that, you’re the one who’ll be deciding anyway” becuz as I said I will say yes, I am just curious what you would do.
A: Hi, Eileen,Well after first being certain that I would be very happy, absolutely anywhere, with this person. I would then consider all the practical things. Like where do I really want my child raised and where do I want us, as a family, to live. France is a very long way from USA. So how frequently would I want to visit home?I would also consider, if my bf or husband was to be the main wage earner, where he would be best placed to do that?If I intended to work also, would I have any language difficulties?All I can add to that is if you have never visited France yourself then I can tell you that it is a very beautiful country. I have been there on holiday many times, to many regions. The people are very proud of their environment, you can see that by the way it is so well cared for, and the people are really lovely. If I was to live anywhere other than England that is most definitely where I would want to be.So there you are. Good Luck for your future. Wyla xx
Help, with french present tense sentenses.?
Q: How do you say the following in french present tense.1. Jordan Harless is a great wrestler.2. He does not have any fat on his body.3. He almost never looses a wrestling match.4. He came in second place in the state.5. Eddie is a frail guy.6. He is very tall, but very weak.7. He cannot touch his toes.8. He is going into the navy.9. Coach kelly is very old.10. He has gray hair.11. His bones are bound to break any second.12. If he falls, he will not get up.13. Jasmin has very long fingers.14. She is a great person to talk to.15. She gets mad very easily.16. she is very strong.17. Kelsee is not in school.18. She is pregnant.19. She is living with her parents.20. she has no job.Please help, even is you can only answer some of them 🙂 tks
A: Why don’t you try an on-line translator like just go to a search engine and type in “on-line translation” and several sites will pop up!It’s easy, fast, and accurate!Hope this helps =)
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