How do you tell if your pregnant if your on birth control

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The best way to tell if you are pregnant while on birth control is take a pregnancy test. A serum test from the doctor is best. [ Source: ]
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How do you tell if you’re pregnant but on birth control??’re_pregnant_but_on_birth_control
Take a pregnancy test. That is the best way to know. Your body can give you fake periods when you are pregnant or you can have a hidden pregnancy where you don’t have a bump. The best way to know is to take a pregnancy test…you can buy th…
Can pharmacy pregnancy tests tell if you are pregnant if you are …?
Yes, they will tell you if you are pregnant or not even if you are on birth control.
How to Tell if You’re Pregnant While on Birth Control?
・ 1 Take note of your menstrual bleeding. Menstruation doesn’t occur the same as off of birth control -… ・ 2 Take note of nausea, cramps, breast pain, and other classic signs of pregnancy. These symptoms may… ・ 3 Take a pregnancy test, …

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How can you tell if your pregnant on birth control?
Q: I’ve always wondered this. If you are taking birth control and you get pregnant, how would you be able to tell? I know my birth control gives me a shorter and lighter period. If I were to miss, I probably wouldn’t tell or think about it. (I do keep track, however.) What would be the effects on the baby if you didn’t realize (or took a while) and continued to take birth control?I know that birth control pills are pretty effective, but they are not 100%. On the chance, they do fail for some reason, I was kind of curious.
A: It’s very unlikely that you would become pregnant on the pill unless you didn’t take it correctly or took a medication that interfered with it like an antibiotic.You will still have a period on most birth control pills unless it’s designed to make you miss periods (like Seasonique). If you truly want to make sure that your not pregnant each month, you could go to the dollar store and stock up on pregnancy test to use each month.From TO THE FETUSIf you do become pregnant while using oral contraceptives, the risk to the fetus is small, on the order of no more than one per thousand. You should, however, discuss the risks to the developing child with your doctor.
How do you know your pregnant if your on birth control pills?
Q: How can you tell if your pregnant if your on birth control pills. Normally, if your not on BCP, you skip a period if you are pregnant. However when you are on BCP, you don’t have an actual “period”. You have the withdrawl bleeding that is like a period. So, do you not get the withdrawl bleeding? Or do you get he bleeding and have to wait a few weeks to see other symptoms??(I’m on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo. I was having unprotected sex with my bf the other night. He might have came in me a little, but we’re not sure. I know I shouldn’t be too worried, but it’s just that the last thing I need is a kid right now and birth control isn’t always 100%. However, I am prtty good at remembering to take mypills every day and such, so, again, I shouldn’t be too worried. But I’m just curious about the whole skipping a period thing cause I go on my placebo pills next week meaning I should get my period next week. So I’m wondering if I do get it, am I in the clear. lol)Thanks so much!!
A: I got pregnant on Orth-Tri-Cyclen Lo. You DO still have a period each month while on the pill. That’s why some women use birth control to even out their cycles so that they can have a better chance at conceiving later on down the road. That’s what that week of blue pills are. A period is simply the shedding of the inner lining of your uterus, this still happens while on birth control. So yes, you’ll miss your period if you are pregnant.
did you have any symptoms/ changes to your body your first month OFF birth control pills?
Q: I stopped taking birth control pills about 4 weeks ago after being on them for 12 years. For the past 4 days I’ve been having mild cramping and dizzy spells/light headed. Nothing else is abnormal. Wondering if this could be my body readjusting itself to life without the pill. I did have sex, so I could be pregnant (if I have begun ovulating again) so tell me …..what were your symptoms when you came off of the pill and how long did it take for you to ovulate again?
A: The first month for me off the pill I was CONVINCED I was pregnant, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I wasn’t! lol. A lot of women say they have all typical pregnancy symptoms there first month off the pill, I was the same way. I also felt very dizzy and light-headed, and had bad headaches. It went away by the next month. It could be possible you could be pregnant though, wait around for your period (remember it might be thrown out of whack for a while and might be late/early), and then test. Good luck!
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