How do you tell your mom and dad your pregnant

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The best way is to just be honest and open! Babies are blessed additions to families. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do i tell my mom and dad im pregnant?
Have you even taken a test? Missing 1 period is not a sure sign you’re pregnant. Before you tell them, please take a test. How awkward would that be. “Oh yeah, mum, dad, I’m not pregnant, false alarm.” Ouch. Take a test in ONE we…
How do I tell my mom and dad I’m pregnant??
My son (also 17) just told me 4 days ago that he and his girlfriend are having a baby. So my advice to you is… Just tell them. This is life changing for all of you but, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. I am on a roller coaster …
Should I tell my mom and dad I am pregnant now or wait??
It’s a difficult one but I’d be inclined to tell them when you feel ready – not before. You obviously don’t feel ready to do so now so just hold fire and see how it goes. You’ve only just found out yourself so give yourself and your partner…

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How do you tell your Mom that your pregnant?
Q: My Friend is scared to tell her mom and dad that she is pregnant ! (she won’t get yahoo answers herself so here am I asking the Question.) Whats a good way to start?
A: There’s no way around this, they need to be informed immediately. This is something that can’t be hidden, honesty is the way to go, be straight up & be with your friend, support her in all of her decisions.Good Luck…
How would you suggest telling your mom your pregnant at 19???How to bring it up???
Q: I haven’t found out for sure if I am or not so before I go anyfarther I will tell you I am NOT going to tell my family til I am for sure.. so please don’t tell me wait til your for sure.. because if im not well duh i’m not going to tell them at all.. just trying to get prepared… 3 days late ALWAYS regular always start on the 28th of EVERY MONTH! 4 Neg preg tests. still could be too soon.. but I really just wanted to start thinking of ways to bring it up… Dad will be no problem to tell ( my parents are divorced ). Dad loves my fiance and his wife got preg with her first (not with my dad) at 17 and he is going to get pregnant very soon with another….. Mom doesn’t like fiance and will be more worried about her reputation with her high-end job so looking for a way without the akward “hi mom guess what I’m prenant” do you get what I’m sayin?… any help you give me, I would greatly appriciate!
A: It really depends on how you and your moms relationship is. If she really truly cares about you then tell her face to face… Im 17 and 35 weeks pregnant with a little girl and she was in the kitchen and me and my boyfriend were in the dining room.. i texted her telling her i needed to tell her something and she text back oh no im scared. came to the dining room and my boyfriend was looking at a magazine and happened to be on a celebrity pregnant page lol and says oh look so and so is pregnant and i said see that… and she said you are or you think you are pregnant and i said i am. she immediatly went grabbed the phone went into another room and called someone not sure and just cried for like 5 minutes. Im not gonna lie it was the scariest thing and i just felt like i let my mom down. Of course im not engaged or 18 so im still at home and the first couple months were difficult trying to convince my mom that I could keep the baby and i would be healthy and able to support her. MAKE SURE you have some sort of plan… everyone would ask me that… maybe just because I was 16 when I initially got pregnant. My parents (well mom mostly) are now extremely excited for my little girl Aniyah to come (due Sept. 2nd). My mom threw me this HUGE baby shower and it was the best thing I could ever ask for. And so far I have had a very healthy baby and pregnancy. So first of course make sure you are sure. second have some sort of plan like what you and your fiance are going to do, how you’re gonna support a child and just reassurance that you can. and third do everything you can to prove to your mom you arent ruining her reputation and that you will become a great mother. so good luck and I hope that helped a little 🙂
How do you tell your mom that you are pregnant?
Q: I just posted a question about 2 days ago about wanting to have a kid and if it was bad because I am only 17. Well I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I dont know how to tell my mom that. She is my life…I love my mom to death and I would rather see her mad then disappointed like she is going to be. I know my step dad might not really care. But I just dont know who to tell my mom or my dad even though I dont see my dad that much he needs to know too. Can somebody please help me.
A: Just come right out and tell it. Not the time for fear, you are a woman now, time to start acting like it.
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