How do you treat a yeast infection when you are pregnant

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If you think you have a yeast infection, see your Dr who will take a sample and prescribe a safe medicine since you’re pregnant. [ Source: ]
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How do you treat a yeast infection when you are pregnant
If you think you have a yeast infection, see your Dr who will take a sample and prescribe a safe medicine since you’re pregnant.
Can you treat a yeast infection if you’re pregnant??
Yes, but not with pills. Only the creams like monistat.
Is it okay to treat a yeast infection with over the counter medic…?
talk to your Ob/Gyn, just because you don’t know what kind of infection it is and you may need to take a pill form of medication to treat it in addition to the vaginal cream. I had MULTIPLE infections during my pregnancy and sometimes he ha…

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Treating a yeast infection?
Q: When you can only use a topical treatment, how long does it generally take to get rid of a yeast infection? Normally I would use a suppository 1 day treatment, but because I’m pregnant (21weeks), that’s not recommended so I’m using topical Monistat and it seems to be taking FOREVER to go away. Experiences of getting rid of a yeast infection while pregnant??Thanks for the answers. I have another prenatal on Friday so I’ll just keep using the topical until then.mustang — yep, that’s when all my YI woes started for me….. prescriptions, so I avoid them now unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Even though the yogurt idea sounds a bit “off” lol, it sounds completely logical and natural so it may just be worth a shot!! THANKS!
A: Ask your doc about a medication called Diflucan or the generic Fluconazole. These pills are great! One pill gives you a 7 day dose of medication and they work wonders. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I had to take one of these 3 weeks ago. Good Luck
Vaginal yeast infection rash?
Q: 1st its not an std. im married and pregnant which means Ive been tested before and since im pregnant..tested recently. I had a yeast infection that tried to treat using OTC cream for. after day 3 I shaved my entire vaginal area as I always do and noticed that after a few days I started getting a rash on my inner thighs where the vagina meets the thigh(that crease). Ive been to the DR because the rash was getting worse and was getting raw from me scratching, so she gave me a RX for terconazole 7. and told me to use it on my rash. as well as inside the vagina. My question is how long before the rash stops itching. I have been using the cream about 2 to 3 times a day, and tonite will be my 3rd day. It seems to be itching more since ive been using it…but also looks to be drying out cause its getting darker and looks to be scabbing a bit (im a caramel tone black female just so you understand my complexion) but it still itches like crazy. when should I expect the itching to stop? or any tips on stopping the itching inbetween using the cream?BTW when I said I use the cream 2-3times a day I am talking about putting cream on my rash, I insert it in my vagina as prescribed (1x a day before bed)
A: Could be a change in soaps or a reaction to something contacting your skin.You said you do not have an std but just FYI herpes can present as a rash that spreads and have scabs.Go to your doctor and tell them you are having more problems.
Does this sound like a Yeast Infection?
Q: About a week ago I started feeling very ichy and burning. The ichiness was sooooo… bad. About four days ago I had intercousre and when I went to the bathroom I was swollen and red down there and it burned to bad even after I wiped after urinating. Ive been having this white creamy discharge. Doesnt really smell. I bought the one day treatment by Monistat and it said you could use it day or night but I used during the night. I also bought the AZO Yeast tablets and it says take 3 times and day and once it goes away take once a day. I did the one day treatment about 4 days ago but it still burns and iches every now and then but the burning is very bad. Its not a Urinary Track In fection b/c I just got off of Doxycyclin Hyc Tabs for that. Doxycyclin Tabs: used to treat many different bacterial infections, such as urinary tract infections, acne, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, periodontitis (gum disease), and others. It burns the most after I urinate. But even after that it still burns alittle. Oh and having intercourse that one day hurt. This would be my 2nd Yeast Infection, the one I had b4 was when I was 6 months pregnant. Do you think this is a yeast infection? Is the burning normal and how long will it take to go away. I dunno if this has anything to do with it but I threw up 4 times yesterday. Thanks!! Also… which foods may help it go away? Yogurt? Drinking alot of water helps? P.s. I was just reading about the Doxycyclin meds I was on and it turns out that it can cause a Yeast Infection but I think any antibioctic can. ( ; Thanks Everyone!Thank you very, very much!! : )
A: Yes, it sounds exactly like a yeast infection. You have all the common symptoms; burning, itching, white non-smelly discharge and painful intercourse. Either use Monistat 7 for the FULL 7 days or go to the doctor and they can prescribe you a one time oral tablet that kills the infections. Also eat lots of yogurt and drink lots of cranberry juice, that will also help your body fight the infection.
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