How does a pregnant woman look

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It depends on how deep into the pregnancy the woman is, for example, if 8 months or so in, she will have a large stomach. Thanks! [ Source: ]
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What does a 3 month pregnant woman look like?
For the most part a woman who was three months pregnant wouldn’t look that much different on the outside. Usually a woman doesnt’ start showing until about five months although her body will experience changes and she might notice she looks…
What does a 2-month pregnant woman look like?
You’re looks overall will not change during this time, since at 8 weeks (assuming you were 2 months pregnant) the baby would around an inch big and your uterus not much bigger than its natural state. Go get a home pregnancy test, that will …
Do you think pregnant woman look especially beautiful?
because of skin stretching the pregnant women seem to be beautiful but after delivers, she looks more beautiful

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When does morning sickness begin/end? How long does it take for a woman to look pregnant?
Q: I am not pregnant, i just need it for a story i am writing
A: it can start right away and go the whole pregnancy or stop at about 3-4 months along. and some women never have morning sickness. and it depends on the woman when she starts showing. FAT women never show!!!! at least ive never seen one show. i started showing at about 20 weeks.
How does a woman look pregnant? (Before she starts showing)?
Q: I don’t know for sure if I’m pregnant or not yet because I don’t want to take the pregnancy test too soon but we’re hoping so! But anyways when I bought the pregnancy test the lady at the counter said I looked pregnant and when I was at the dentist and told them I might be pregnant one lady turned to another and said doesn’t she look pregnant and I am a thin person so no I don’t have a protruding stomach that could be mistaken for a pregnant belly. So I’m wondering what exactly are they seeing that might make them think I look pregnant because neither my husband nor I see anything different or are these people just trying be optimistic and/or nice for me.
A: People knew I was pregnant before I knew. My dad kept saying “your looking pale. Do you feel alright? Are you pregnant?” My fiance’s mother actually asked my fiance’ if I was pregnant!!. Also his grandmother knew I was pregnant. I asked them how could they tell, they said you just have that pregnancy look. I guess it’s what they call the pregnancy glow?
Does anybody have and know how to use a software that can make a lady and man look pregnant in pics?
Q: i work for a company that provides empathy bellies for woman, and schools, and we are trying to get men and women to were them so i need u to make a man and women look pregnant in pics so i can advertise.
A: Photoshop or any imaging software.
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