How does a pregnant woman’s water break

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The water can break spontaneously or it can be broken by a doctor. Often the water breaks late in labor on it’s own. [ Source: ]
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Can a pregnant woman’s water break without being dilated’s-water-break-without-being-dilated
It is possible but only 1 in 10 mothers’ water breaks before labor contractions begin. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
What makes a pregnant woman’s water break?
When a pregnant woman’s water breaks it is the rupture of the membranes, the technical term for breaking the water, may happen before or during labor. When it occurs before labor, it often means that labor is imminent. Your doctor will need…
Why do some women’s water break early during pregnancy??
The steps of a normal labor and delivery begin with cervical dilation. Once the cervix has begun to dilate and thin, uterine contractions will begin to occur. In a normal labor, contractions will progress so that they occur at regular inter…

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first time pregnant, serious questions?
Q: first off whats getting the umbilical cord cut like? ive always wondered. Also does every woman’s mucus plug come out way before they go into labor or can it just come out when your water breaks? I’ve had a feeling like fluid is dripping out for the past 3 weeks, I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and when I check my undies there is a wet spot, I know it’s not pee but I don’t know what else it could be, I don’t think it’s amniotic fluid since I know I haven’t lost my mucus plug yet but I don’t know if that matters. I had a couple of really bad contractions the other day but nothing serious enough to make me think I was going into labor because they were hours apart. I was 1cm dilated 2-3 weeks ago and my doctor hasn’t checked me since nor did the say how effaced I was I don’t know if this helps answer my questions at all.
A: if your leaking and its NOT pee, you need to get checked out, you CAN rupture your membranes without loosing your plug…some women never see there plug, or it comes out all at onec, or in tiny pieces… i never saw mine… it might have come out during a late night bathroom trip, i never saw it…the cord is undiscribale, its feels so strange,, but if your asking if it hurts to have it cut, then no there are no nerves in it…you can be dialated and not effaced, you can even be 100% effaced with 0 dilation… there 2 diffrent things…you need to get checked out for the leaking tho…
What was your labor and delivery story?
Q: When did you go in labor? Did your water break? Where did it break? How long were you in labor? How long was your labor? Did you induce and why? I’m waiting for my husband to get home, I’m pregnant with my second baby and I love hearing women’s accomplishments!Yay, to all us mommy’s whi have a labor and or delivery story! It my proudest moment of my life!I went in April 14th 2007 to be induced because I had a gallstone that was causing excrusiating pain. I finally had an emergency C-section on April 16th at 2:45 am. 27 + hard hours of labor and my 6 lb 12 ounce baby boy was in my arms! Now, I’m going through it all again in 6ish months! We’re crazy aren’t we?
A: I went into labor at 27w5d. My water broke, and I was at home. We went to the hospital, to be moved to a bigger hospital with a NICU. They stopped my labor twice, I believe mainly just to get the steroids in my babys system. I’m not sure why they didn’t keep stopping it, perhaps that’s bad for the baby? I honestly didn’t ask at the time, everything seemed to be happening so fast! I gave birth to my daughter almost 4 days later, at 28w2d. She was born at 12:22AM and I believe my labor started around 2PM the day before. She weighed 2lbs even, 14.5 inches long! Spent 91 days in the NICU. She is now 7 months old and weighs 13lbs 10oz!! She is getting so big!
Do I reply to her letter?
Q: I used to work as a house cleaner for a maid company last year. I quit when I was 6 months pregnant. Before I quit, I cleaned a woman’s house who was probably the nicest customer I’d ever met in my 2 years working for the company. She helped me unload and load my car, always made sure I had a glass of ice water, and literally made me sit down and take a break for 10 minutes after an hour (her house took 2 hours to clean) and made me put my feet up and the whole bit, knowing I was pregnant. She also tipped each time I cleaned, and the last time I cleaned before quitting to have my baby, she gave me a little gift (bags I could use at the hospital for toiletries or makeup or whatever). I promised her I’d write and send a picture of the baby. My son was born in September and I never got around to it. However, when doing my Christmas cards this year, I thought of her and sent her one with a picture of my son and a little note telling her just how much I appreciated how she treated me (maids don’t usually get that kind of treatment!). About a week after Christmas, I received a card and a long letter from her. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for me to reply. Her letter stated no questions for me. It more less explained why she is the way she is (God plays a big role in her life), how beautiful she thinks my son is, and wishing me happy holidays. I don’t want to overstep any boundaries because really, she was just a customer who I’ll never see again, but also the nicest person I think I’ll ever meet…
A: If this wonderful woman took the time to write and send you such a wonderful note, why wouldn’t you write back? There is nothing that says you cannot have a friend, even if it was someone whose home you cleaned. Every friendship has a starting point. It’s not like you have to go to dinner or shopping with her. Think of it as having a pen-pal. Every now & then you write to her. Every now & then she writes to you. Not a lot of effort, but it’s nice to do. Perhaps she’s lonely?I’m sure during your many conversations you two discussed a variety of things so there must be something you both have in common – and it’s a place to start if you want to build a friendship.But – if you don’t want the friendship, then don’t respond. Nobody can ever have too many friends.
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