How does my belly start to feel if I’m pregnant

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It is not until the second trimester that most women can begin to feel an enlarging uterus or abdomen by pressing on the abdomen. [ Source: ]
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How does a pregnant belly feel when it first starts growing??
it feels hard and a little tight as you start getting further along.
When’s the earliest, my belly start to feel different while being…?
Depends on how many children you have had. With my first I was about 20 weeks or so before I started to show. The 2nd and 3rd I was about 14 weeks. Good luck!
Does the inside of your belly button start to feel different when…?
Being a bloke, I don’t know the answer. What I do know, after watching my wife being pregnant, twice, is you are supposed to feel uncomfortable in any manner of ways!

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How long does it take to start showing after your pregnant?
Q: I feel like i am pregnant right now because my stomach is pushed out, and especially below my belly button, my uterus, feels a little firmer and bloated. I look like I am 2 or 3 months along, but IF i was even pregnant, i would only be a week and a half.It was the first time i’ve had sex (yes, unprotected. i know its stupid)so is that whats making my uterus a little bigger? I dont know.i’m probably just stressing out, right? and its all in my head?
A: not possible you have to miss a period first that takes 4 weeks at least. the 1st 2 weeks of pregnancy are called the comception periodi started showing at 13 weeks with my first im 11 weeks with #2 and still have not shown. but as i said it is not possible to show at 1 week and a halfsorry.
Does your stomach stretch around the same time ever month when your pregnant? And how does it feel?
Q: I’m asking because I’ve been feeling the same feeling in the bottom of my belly ever since I started thinking I could be pregnant. I’m just wondering if what I’m feeling could be similar to what any of you all could be feeling.
A: Hmmm… I don’t know about anyone else but I never actually felt my stomach growing bigger. It was just kind of like… “Oh man, my pants don’t fit anymore, when did that happen?” LoLThe only thing I feel as far as growing pains is the round ligament pains but those went away during the beginning of my second trimester, I’m into my 3rd now.If you suspect that you’re pregnant, take a test :o)
What do all you other pregnant mommy-to-be’s think about your pregnant belly?
Q: I’m 13 weeks and starting to really pop. I asked my boyfriend and friend the other day if it’s obvious (and they always said no no no)… my friend smiled and said “it’s cute!!!!” and my boyfriend said “yeah… it is”i haven’t told my family, i am so scared of that. but i am starting to love being pregnant… how did you guys feel when your tummies started to pop outps. i’m 23! not married, but excited about having my 1st baby!!!
A: I have always hated that part. I am a very self conscious person, and since my first pregnancy I have always had terrible looking stretch marks and a bulge of fat that I can’t get rid of for anything. It makes my stomach look huge when I am pregnant. I wouldn’t mind if it was all uterus under there, but instead it is uterus, fat, and skin! I hate it.
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