How does the doctor break a pregnant womans water

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The doctors use a needle-like instrument to break the water. They insert it very skillfully and break the amniotic bag. [ Source: ]
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How do doctors break a womans water when pregnant??
doctors use a device that looks similar to a fish hook on a rod they insert it int the cervix and snag the bag of waters. natural ways to help break the water includes sex, lots of walking to bring pressure down on the cervix and kegal exce…

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Im confused about a womans anatomy.. down there.?
Q: Lol I feel funny asking this but I am 38 weeks pregnant and just realized how much i DONT know about the stages of pregnancy and stuff. Well, it is my first baby so dont blame me.Alright so, first question. When a doctor strips your cervix/membranes what does that mean? When my mucus plug came out is that a result of him stripping my cervix? Also, when my water breaks is that because i have fully effaced? (currently 80% right now, 2cm dilated, lost mucus plug yesterday).Also, when you dilate that is the cervix opening right? I feel like I am confusing myself but im curious how all of that works. And please dont tell me to go ask my doctor I wanna hear it in womans plain english terms and i will most likely forget next time i see him anyway. So can someone explain the stages of dilation and effacing with mucus plug and water breaking all together? Lol sorry if I have confused you.
A: (1) Stripping the membranes is where a health care provider will separate your bag of water from the cervix, it is not intended to break your water, however, it may. It may also cause infection, and may be painful for some. The reason that we tell people that we are stripping their membranes is to “get things going” in regards to labor. This little technique is usually done during a vaginal exam at the end of pregnancy, with or without the knowledge or consent of the woman. Stripping the membranes, we are told, is supposed to stimulate production of prostiglandins in the cervix and bring on contractions. I have heard doctors tell my clients after stripping their membranes they will have the baby in two days. While this may appear to work for some, at term it’s all a guessing game. There is no scientific work to date that can back up the routine procedure of stripping membranes. You may want to ask your care provider to avoid this procedure if you are worried about the effects and risks. Or you may want to avoid vaginal exams during the end of pregnancy for the same reasons, because unfortunately the cannot accurately predict when we will give birth.(2)Also, to strip your membranes, they have to insert their finger THROUGH your cervix, which usually dislodges the mucus plug. (since it plugs the cervix) So what you saw was most likely part of it, the rest could have come out with the Dr.’s hand. Your cervix continues to make mucus though, that’s its function, there will probably be alot more stringy snotty mucus for you to find before and during early labor… There’s alot of mucus involved!(3) Just because your cervix is effaced fully, dosen’t mean your water will break…the bag of water breaks in 11% of pregnancies, so 89% of births don’t have waters broken because of the cervix effacement. A doctor will do that when you go into labor.(4) effacement is the thining and softening of the cervix. Dialation is how wide it is opening up. effacement usually happens before dialation…and when you’re 9 cm, you’re ready to deliver.
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