How does weed affect you when your pregnant

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Studies of marijuana use during pregnancy provide some inconsistent results. Some studies link maternal marijuana use to…More? [ Source: ]
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What if a man who smoked weed and got a women pregnant does it af…?
No, the baby would be fine. Marijuana doesn’t really have harmful effects such as real drugs like alcohol or heroin.
Can smoking weed affect the baby if someone if there pregnant??
It doesn’t effect the baby in small amounts. As long as she isn’t smoking large amounts like every day the baby should be fine. At least that is what the research has been pointing to. I’ve always been a believer that weed does nothing bad …
Does smoking weed affect the HCG hormone detected by pregnancy te…?
No. But if you think you’re pregnant, you might want to give up smoking it for a bit until you know for sure.

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Do all hospitals drug test you and your baby when it’s born?
Q: Early in my pregnancy, I smoked weed. I was right around 5 weeks when this happened. I had been smoking regularly before then but I had no idea that I was pregnant. I just wondered how bad this was for me.Also, medical advice ONLY… I heard that your baby feeds off of your white blood cells only and that weed only affects your red blood cells. I’m just wondering if this is true. Also… what would happen if you didn’t know that you were pregnant until 3 or 4 months along and had smoked the whole time? Would the baby be taken away from you as soon as you were born?I’m not talking about people who tried to have a baby. I’m talking about people who had an accident, got pregnant but didn’t figure it out until they were so far along. The whole time they smoked. I know this happens. I just didn’t know if hospitals take your baby away because of this.I also know that some mothers just don’t care and they’re unwilling to stop their habits. I wouldn’t classify in this category. I stopped at five weeks (a month ago) and haven’t started back up again.
A: No hospital drug tests unless the mother appears intoxicated and incapable and even then, you do not get drug tested without your consent unless you appear to be a nutcase who can not walk and needs to be restrained.Next, the white/red blood count thing and weed is false. If you smoked for 3-4 months it may or it may not affect the baby. Can only tell in time. Same as alcahol sometimes causes fSA and sometimes people drink and have normal healthy babies. If one smokes for 3-4 months they INCREASE the risk of something being wrong but do not gurantee it. At 5 weeks you should be OK because most people dont know they are pregnant and have a drink or two or a cigarette or in your case weed. .. things should be ok, but you can not discount the fact that something can go wrong, but then again, no one can discount that fact even if they do nothing wrong. Genetics are tricky, you never know what happensAnd if you smoke it is passed on to the baby- regardless of blood cells and all that stuff you said. By the time you have the baby even if you get drug tested you will test negative if you do not smoke weed anymore. Marijuna is stored for 30 days or so. No one will take away your baby unless you come in to deliver all cracked out and clealry incappable of taking care of yourself let alone an infant.
Is it okay to be around second-hand smoke marijuana while pregnant?
Q: My boyfriend found out the new neighbors who happen to be frequent marijuana smokers that the guy is actually his cousin he just didnt recognize him at first. So he’s hanging out with him and invited me. Given that he is my boyfriend’s cousin, and has a girlfriend who seems nice and I like meeting new people, I would like to go down there too. But I am just wondering if it would be okay if they smoke weed a lot, they are not doing it right now he said, and I’m 25 weeks pregnant? I know second-hand cigarette smoke is bad but what about marijuana? Is it just as bad or worse even? Even if they are not smoking at the time, the apartments are kinda crampy so not that well ventilated. How would/could this affect my baby?Also wuld you be kind of hurt if your boyfriend who was supposed to spend the weekend with you and baby (the one inside me lol a girl by the way) goes downstairs to hang out with the new neighbors smoke weed and drink beer when I cant cause Im pregnant/ I know its his cousinand thats why hes hanging out with him only, bc before he recognized he was saying how loud and annoying he was for a neighbor (they live right below us).
A: I’m not sure of the effects but why take the chance.
I moved in to my apartment in ca on feb 5. I may be pregnant and dont want to raise a child in this?
Q: neighborhood. I just got a lease agreement in the mail yesterday march 3. The guy across the street sells weed and smokes i on regular. I really moved into the worst part of town. I was new to the area and had no idea how bad it really was. I have guys come up to me at night when i get home from work and say “shorty your alone can I come inside with you?” this scares the living daylights outta me. I cant raise a baby here. I havent signed anything yet. If I back out of this apartment without signing…..1. can I get my deposit back?2. does this affect my credit? please help me!
A: Deposits are put into place to hold an apartment for you, so, it’s like you paid for it already, even though you weren’t living there. Basically, they ask you to pay it so that you won’t back out, and so that they have money from you in case you wreck the place.I would talk to the landlord immediately, but finding out if you’re actually pregnant first would be a good start. In the end, life sucks, and you might not get your money back. It really depends on your landlord or rental agency’s attitude and policy. Good luck to you, though!
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