How early can a woman start showing when pregnant

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Size and body type will influence how fast a woman will show. Weight is one factor in how soon a woman will start to show. MORE? [ Source: ]
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Which pregnant women start showing earlier?
It depends on if youve had kids before or not, cuz i was really thin with my first child and i showed really early, but then i knew a big girl who had kids already and even when she was 7 months you really couldnt tell she was even pregnant…
How early do women usually start to show that they are pregnant??
10-12 weeks people were telling me I was pregnant, and this is my first. I have been bloated and gassy during the whole first part of my pregnany, so that may have helped. I’m now 17weeks and looking bigger. Maternity clothes are all I can …

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I’m concerned I might be pregnant. Is it possible or does the time not add up?
Q: On the 15th I had unprotected sex and I know for a fact that sperm was released inside of me. This past wednesday I started going through my regular PMS, my mood swings, my cravings, and my other regular PMS symptons, yet I never started cramping or anything of the sorts, which I normally do so a week before I start. I normally start on the 24th and I’m showing no signs of starting anytime soon. Also, I experienced weird cramps this past monday and I was sure I was going to start but I never did. I did research on if there was a possibility of me being pregnant and showing signs this early, but the closest that I’ve come to any signs is a few more headaches then usual, I go pee 5-6 times a day instead of 2-3, and I do have slight back pain but thats it. I know that if you think to much on something you can normally develop the symptons but I’ve been calm about this whole thing, accepting the fact that there may just be a possibility that I am. I’m seventeen years old and I dont know what to do, my boyfriend won’t let me put it up for adoption because he was adopted so I’m afraid that I might be pregnant because I know how difficult that can be on someone of my age. So what do you think is wrong? Is there a possibility that I might be? Or am I overreacting? And there’s no way for me to get a pregnancy test because my dad would find out and the women centers in town charge the women when they turn 17, so I dont know what to do. Please give me any advice that you may think will help me.
A: It is possible that you could be pregnant but the only way to find out is to take a test. If you can not buy a test, then is it possible to make an appointment with your doctor without your father knowing about it? The doctor would be able to draw blood as this test is often able to pick up lower HCG levels than a pregnancy test can and would be able to give you advice regarding your options all of which would be confidential. It is worth thinking about as you would know for sure one way or another. If your period doesn’t start either due to stress or pregnancy, you will have to do take some action so the sooner the better I would think. Most early symptoms of pregnancy are very similiar to pre-menstral symptoms and those that are not, are several weeks away yet. The longer you wait, the more stress you will place yourself under and your options decrease with time. I wish you luck, whatever you choose!
negative blood test, but i may be pregnant..was it too early? advice please, i’m just a kid and scared?
Q: i am having pregnancy symptoms. nipples are sore, and the nipple also looks wider like its growing, ive also noticed some color change, its a little darker now (but only sometimes)and ive been throwing up for 3 days now. i wake up out of my sleep before the sun even rises to vomit. i’m super tired, and my abdomen feels a little tight.i had unprotected sex on dec. 25th and i ovulated on dec. 26th (one day after)i had just gotten off the pill one dec. 15th..and my period started on the 18th and ended very lightly on the 21st. my dad was worried, and brought me to the ER today, i had a blood test done, and they said it came back negative for pregnancy. it had zero of the hormone. i realize that it was way to early to test, but i thought that since i’m having some symptoms of being pregnant, that it must show up on a…is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms but not the hormone show up on the blood test? i don’t really understand it. how can you have symptoms but a negative test? i’m not saying mine are definitely symptoms but i’ve heard a lot of women get a negative test when they were indeed pregnant. how does that work?and when should i test? i should get my period by the 15th of jan (if getting off the pill doesn’t mess with my body). should i take one after that date if i don’t have it yet?
A: How do you know that you ovulated on Dec 26th? Is that just by dates? Many women (especially teenagers) have cycles that are a little off and don’t necessarily ovulate a set time after their periods.A blood test can usually determine if you’re pregnant about 7 days after ovulation. If you really did ovulate on the 26th, today should have been long enough for the blood test to come back positive.I also think it’s way too early to be having morning sickness. The morning sickness comes from the pregnancy hormones that have to be high enough to register on a blood test to give you symptoms.I don’t know whether you’re pregnant or not (try a home test in about 2 weeks), but I think you’re either worrying yourself sick or have a virus.Good luck and always use protection. It’s not worth the worry.
Could this be early signs of pregnancy?
Q: So I’ve been having a pain in the left side of my lower back for about 2 days, and today I got my period again after if just finished on the 6th. I’ve also been having headaches lately, all of which I’ve read are signs of pregnancy. Could these signs be showing so early? My period ended not even a week ago, but I’m starting to worry about it. How early can you take a pregnancy test to be positive? –Just another question, my cousin just had a baby and when I was holding it and admiring it,her boyfriend said that being around new borns increases the chance of women getting pregnant. True or false?I don’t think its my period, I should have put “spotting”, since I’ve already had my period at the first of the month.
A: I don’t know about the first part. But about you being more fertile after holding a baby… probably not scientifically, but maybe psychologically. Maybe you like baby’s so your mind is secretly telling you you want one, so you have sex more. I don’t know, just a guess…
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