How early would you bleed if you were pregnant

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Early pregnancy bleeding could come at any time. It could signify implantation bleeding or could signify a problem. See your OB. [ Source: ]
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Is it normal to bleed during early pregnancy?
If you never got a positive test, it’s safe to assume you weren’t pregnant. Even if you were about to miscarry/miscarrying, you would get a positive pregnancy test. But to answer your first question, about 1/3 women have bleeding in early p…
Is it normal to bleed in the early months of pregnancy??
Absolutely not. If you have had a postive test and you are bleeding heavily you may be miscarrying, if you have not had a positive test it may just be a period. Good Luck
What is an implantation bleed? And early signs of pregnancy? tips…?
If you are trying to get pregnant, you may hear about implantation bleeding. The term implantation bleeding implies that you would see the amount of blood that you typically see with your period, but this generally isn’t the case when you a…

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How early can a doctor tell if you are pregnant?
Q: If you are having bleeding and want to find out if you are pregnant, But are only about a week, Would a doctor be able to tell or would it be to early?
A: There’s no such thing as one week pregnant. When your period is due makes you 4 weeks pregnant and it goes from there (they go by day one of your cycle).A doctor can perform a blood test on you as early as 10 days passed ovulation. By one week if you mean your period is one week late, you can definitely test positive by now, as that would technically make you 5 weeks pregnant.Good luck.
late/early periods… yet little to no bleeding… cyst or pregnant? and when to test?
Q: As of right now my period is late, but lately my periods have been irregular the past 2 months, and i am not sure why, they have always been regular…. in oct. it was 2 days early, i bled a lil bit.. spotted mostly, and then it was gone within a day, and then in november it was 6 days late, i bled for a few hours, spotted for 2 and then it was gone….. and i had a blood test last week or the week before, it was neg, the reason i asked for a blood test at the doc’s office was because i got 3 hpt’s that were pos.. i went to the doc, and it was neg. Anyone ever had anything like this before? Wat do you ladies think it could be? someone mentioned maybe a cyst on my ovary… wat would the symptoms be for that? just curious….. I honestly haven’t been stressed out or anything lately either for my periods to be so irregular, my whole life they have been regular , and things are going pretty good so wat do you think? The pos.’s that i got were faint, i have a pic. but i get conflicted answers as to if they can see it or not, i have posted it before….. i just feel really bloated, but any symptom that I have could result from my period coming on i would imagine, it could be late i guess since it is not regular lately… wat do you think? Should i test or? just curious if anyone else has had this? and wat do you think could be the result of this? the reason i mentioned bloating is because my boobs are bigger… hurt sometimes, darkening of areolas… naseau… pants are tighter… and massive headaches.. i know this could all be a symptom of my period if it comes…. so should i not be freakin out?….and how long should i wait to test if i don’t get it? i was told a week late is nothing to worry about….. any suggestions?….. just confused and need help. plz dont’ be mean. and any answers would be great:) ( or opinions rather) thank you all ahead of time…Also how far along were you before you found out you were pregnant? 🙂 jw cuz i have heard stories about women not finding out until they were a few months along , that al of their tests were neg. and they were pregnant the whole time.if i am pregnant, i would be about a month or so … at the most.also, i woldn’t care if i was pregnant or not, that is not the case i was just looking for some advice…. also i am having some strange discharge like watery…. just thought i would mention….they weren’t EXACTLY the same, one lasted longer than the other and taht was in october…. not november. november literally lasted an hour and a half and taht is it.. i do not think that is normal.
A: i have cysts and they hurt alot and some times its just like your about to start. If theres a chance that thats what it is go to the dr. they can check and give you med that will make it all better. i am also 6 months pregnant and for the first 3 months every month on time i had light spotting and every test said neg. but i felt preg so just keep taking test every month or so for 2 months you will know soon enough. the sooner you know your pregnant the longer you have to wait to meet your new baby,
I am experiencing some light bleeding, is there a possibility that I am pregnant?
Q: Ladies, I have been reading your questions and answers endlessly for the past week in the hopes that I will find one that I can directly relate to, and although I have come across some elements of my own situation, I have not found one specific to my own. So I figured I would jump into the fun and ask. Please remember that I am totally inexperienced to the baby-making world and therefore are prone to asking a dumb question so get ready…I am scared to death that I may be pregnant and am looking to either eliminate that possibility or confirm and and get one with it!I had unprotected sex on the 25th of January, my AF was due on the 29 of January (always the same day every month!) needless to say my AF didn’t appear. I had unprotected sex on the 1st of February… Still no AF. Today’s date is the 6th of February, I have started to lightly bleed (the lightly part is HIGHLY unusual for me!)Now this is what makes me nervous: I’m NEVER EVER late, I started cramping on the 29 to no avail and have continued to cramp up until today (2/6/09). Usually I cramp and its on within the next couple of hours, I never cramp for days to no avail, its always cramping followed by bleeding. Since that didn’t happen I immediately started panicking up until this point. Now since I started to bleed a little, I have somewhat calmed down but are again panicking because I’m reading so many forums that say you can experience early pregnancy bleeding and still be pregnant. How long long should this bleeding last (notice I’m not calling it AF because this is abnormal for me to be bleeding so lightly!) What if it stops tomorrow, should I still be worried? I have no clue what I’m looking for and I don’t want to ignore it and and up a month or two later looking stupid, please tell me what my next steps should be.Thanks Ladies!
A: Uh i had sex five days before i was supposed to get my period an he did ejaculate up in me an then five days later i bled like i normally do although i don’t bleed very heavy so i thought it was my period til it stopped suddenly 3 days later well to make a long story short i’m pregnant an i did get cramps to with it. An that is the only time i had sex so that is when i got pregnant. An it was not brown bleeding it was regular bleeding. But i didn’t figure it out til like i was 3 months because i’m dumb lol an didn’t have very many pregnancy symptons except for my boobs hurt a month later an i didn’t get my period but thats happened to me before. Anyways yea u could be pregnant not tryna scare u or nothing.
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