How effective are iuds

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IUD is one of the most effective methods of contraception available. The rate of pregnancy for women using the ParaGard is 0.8% [ Source: ]
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The theoretical effectiveness rate of  IUDs are 99.9% (Mirena® (Levonorgestrel)) and 99.4% (ParaGard® (copper)).  These rates are based on studies that have been done to determine how effective a method itself can be, apart from user behavi…
The IUD is a highly effective method for emergency contraception when used within seven days of unprotected sexual intercourse. note The pregnancy rate reported among women using the copper-releasing IUD as an emergency contraceptive is aro…
IUDs have been found to be highly effective. For every 100 women using the copper IUD, fewer than 1 per year will get pregnant. With the progesterone T, failure rates are approximately 3% per year.

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How effective are IUDs?
Q: Personal experience?
A: It depends on which type you are talking about.I have the hormonal one (Mirena). It is the most effective birth control on the market (99.9%). I have been using it for over 2 years without any backup method, and we have not had any problems. In fact, I don’t have periods at all. I love it.
How effective is IUD paragrd?
Q: I had an iud copper fitted last month, can somebody tell me their experiances?My dr said its 99% effective but I have recently heard that a lot of woman got pregnant on it which made me abit worried as I realy realy realy not ready for kids until 4 yrs. My oldest boy is 7 and youngest is 5 months.
A: Have faith on your doctor.He is right and stop listening to other people as they may unnecesarily disturb you.Paraguard is one of the most effective ways of contraception.Carry on.and keep checking the thread at least once a month.Thats all what is important.
How soon is an IUD effective?
Q: I have an appointment to get my IUD on the 30th, and am wondering if it’s fully effective right away, or its it like birth control pills where you have to wait a full cycle?I just had my son 2 and a half months ago, won’t go back on the pill because I got pregnant ON the pill, and my husband and I are SICK of condoms… lol, so I’m realllllly hoping it takes effect right away. Because condoms suck. BUT, I do NOT want to get pregnant right away.
A: YES, it is immediately effective!
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