How far along in pregnancy do you start getting back cramps

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Usually during the 3rd trimester, 50% of pregnant women will experience back pain. The 3rd trimester = 7th through the 9th month. [ Source: ]
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How far along in pregnancy do you start getting back cramps?
Usually during the 3rd trimester, 50% of pregnant women will experience back pain. The 3rd trimester = 7th through the 9th month.

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I am 18 weeks pregnant, is what Im experiencing normal, as far as how I feel, etc,TMI?
Q: I dont want to be a hypo-condriac however u spell it, but Im just wondering if anyone else wondered the same things I have been. This is my first pregnancy, so Ive been just taking it as it comes sincI dont know what to expect since Ive never been thru any of this ever. I have to use the bathroom all the time, I started that back at about 8-10 weeks, I wake up 2-3 times a night just to pee and I pee alot during the day too, Ive had cramps here and there, but nothing I cant handle. I have the occasional ouches and oohs and ahhs , but here these past few days, Im noticing things , that hasnt happened before, and I dont know if its because thats just what happens, or something might be wrong, or I might be over-reacting. Every appt Ive been to, everythings been fine, I know Im only 18 weeks but thats pretty far along, right? Ive heard.”Oh when you get farther along, at the end, etc” but Im starting to experience some of those things now, like, when I gotta pee, it hurts if I dont go, I checked for a UTI, and Im all good there, but Ive been having cramps in my lower abdomen on the left and right side, but mainly right , and its like I have to really sit up or down easy cause its like Im about to pee all over myself, and when I do pee, sometimes Im like, is that all?? I felt lke I was g0ing to and even after I pee its still sore to the touch and somewhat hurts, but not anything excruciating…….but definately know its not “nothing”I havent felt any major movements frmo the baby yet, but I have felt a few here and there, I cant get comfortable to sleep at night hardly, and I havent gained any weight but I have a very there, noticeable “bump” that Im so very proud of…..I just feel like I need to lay down sometimes, to make the cramps and peeing fits stop, I know Im only 18 weeks, but its getting harder to bend over, I grunt alot…lol Also Ive been reallly gassy and my bowel movements are small but regular, somewhat….tmi sorry, I knowI just wanna know if this is normal, or anyone else have this stuff happen or am I really significantly far along, to be feeling these things and more…sorry for being so windy but Ive been thinking about posting all day, and finally getting a chance to. Thanks for your help in advance
A: i am 16 wks with my second kid and this is normal. i feel like even if i were to go a whole day without drinking any water, i would still have to pee every other hour. sometimes when i stand up after sitting for a while, my stomach starts to cramp and then it feels like im about to pee on myself! so of course i run to the bathroom and only a drop of pee comes out. so i definitely know how you feel and i cant wait until may when i can finally have this baby. lol
How do can you tell how far along in pregnancy you are?
Q: my friend needs help!at the end of july her period did not show up… we took (well she took i was just there) a test it came up neg. she got her period the next day but it only lasted for i think it was 3days(all i can remember was it was a short time) then this month (a few weeks ago) she started cramping and then started to spot like her period came back (it was a lill to early to be this months period) but that is all it did was spot for a day and now it is the end of Aug. and she did not get her period so she took a test and well it came up pos. this time.. but the question is how far is she now i know all the symptoms that you are prego.. like peeing alot and nausea.. but like how far along do u have to be to start to show.. and what about cramping… she says it doesn’t feel like a period cramp but it does hurt in her words ” 1in. below the bellybutton”. << i read that that is the uterus expanding does that matter how far along she is? and is there a way to fig. that out on ur own.. im taking her to the Dr.’s thursday but we want to figure it out sooner than thatbtw i wanted to clarify b/c i forgot to write that she just got off the pill in June and as far as her period goes in July normally it last a lot longer and it was extremely light
A: The best bet is to get an ultrasound done. they are very accurate at determining the probable conception window when done early in the pregnancy.
TTC. Sore breasts & cramping but negative pregnancy tests. Could I be pregnant?
Q: My LMP was June 16th. My husband and I started officially TTC for our second child on July 13th. For almost three weeks now my breasts have been extremely sore like I am going to nurse or something. Huge veins appeared on both breasts my nipples are sore as well. I also have been having menses like cramping in my lower abdomen. When the cramping started I thought I was about to have a major period. When I get cramps my period always starts the same or the next day, but I have had them for weeks now. I have taken a few pregnancy tests but they all say negative. I went to the doctor and they ordered me a urine test which also came back negative yesterday (they wouldn’t let me do a blood test yet). The doc told me to wait a week and test again. Has anyone had these symptoms and then found out they were pregnant? And if so how far along were you when you finally tested positive??Whoops I put my wrong LMP it was actually July 23rd. And today I think I just got my period. I bled today but haven’t seen anything else. I don’t know what’s going on. If this is my period then we’ll just have to try again! 🙂
A: Wow. that is really similar to my situation. i had my lmp on july 16 and when aug came around it never showed up my breast started to become really sore and i felt sleepy all the time so i took like 4 home test…all came positive but i went to the dr to get a blood test and it came out negative…it has been about 3 weeks since the last dr visit…so i think you should wait, maybe it was just to soon or to low of hormones to detect the pregnancy…
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