How far along pregnant can you be with a positive result on a pregnancy test

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The most accurate results for a pregnancy test will not occur until after your period is due. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How Far Along Do You Have To Be To Get A Positive Result On A Hom…?
The symptoms which you are mentioning are not authentic for pregnancy test because these symptoms can also be due to some other problems. As you have missed periods on due dates, so you can get home pregnancy test. I advise you to get beta …
Does Planned parenthood tell you how far along you are if you get…?
Most Planned Parenthood offices dont’ offer prenatal care. If you go to them for a pregnancy test and it’s positive, they will refer you to a GYN or (if you’re low income) a public health clinic. If you took a test at home, and it’s positiv…

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Had a dream about a positive pregnancy test?
Q: Either last night or early this morning I had a dream that I took a pregnancy test and waited for the results. When they came back it was positive with two parallel blue lines. I started thinking about how I was going to tell my boyfriend that I was pregnant. I put the pee stick in my book bag because for some reason I was in school. My professor walked by and said “congratulations, how far along are you?” I said “i don’t know i just took it” she said “don’t worry you’ll be fine” and walked away. My dream went on to other things but the end result was me trying to get home. Can some one please help me and tell me what this could mean?
A: Have you been thinking about pregnancy lately? Worrying? Watching TV or reading books about pregnancy?It’s hard to say what causes our dreams, but I can say that most of them probably have no meaning at all…For example, the night before last I dreamt that I was teaching a highschool math class (I am a teacher) and I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the year… (I had taken over for the teacher who didn’t plan anything)… Now this might make sense if I’ve been teaching lately, but I haven’t been! I’ve been on mat leave with my daughter for a year! Perhaps it was because I’m thinking of going back soon.Also, the other night I dreamt that my mom and husband were being attacked by a killer whale… very strange. (It was biting their hands). Now I have no reasonable explanation for that! Lol
CONFUSED -Positive Home Pregnancy Test, Negative Blood Test why?? ?
Q: Some of u may have read other pots of mine. If not well i took a test, it was positive. I went to doctors to ask and i even asked if test could have been a dud.Doc told me no, i did ask him several times but he said urine tests are pretty much right all the time and the fact that two lines came up means that there is a pregnancy. He wanted me to have a blood test done, as concern that i am having a light period which he said could mean miss carriage.I had the blood test, which doctor said uterus is 2 percent. But i felt rushed, and basically pushed out the door. He was clicking on his p.c quiet a lot while telling me. and when i asked him questions i just got i do not know why… when i peered over to see the test i saw the numbers 55,000 on the right hand side when he saw me trying to look closer he stated doing a lot of clicking with his mouse. I felt he was rushing things and he asked me if there where any questions i had after getting no answers i said no and he said ok no worries have a good day and bye for now, rushing me out of the door with hubby just crying my eyes out.First doc i saw wants me to have another blood test but really no point if no baby? Also i do not think there is no baby i think the blood test is wrong due to me bleeding as i was told that due to bleeding most docs wont test as can be to early to detect… I am thinking of getting a second opinion and trying again for urnine test with another brand. I believe i am pregnant unless possibly having a phantom pregnancy?But the second doctor who read my results out did say that having a positive urine test and a negative blood test is quiet strange although does happen.I am so confused right now if doctor had told me yes they can be duds and lets test to make sure then i would have been fine, but i did not get that answer he was quiet sure and repleted himself several times about the urine test.. so should i go for that second blood test? why did i see those numbers on the screen? or they always there no matter what the tests say. I know u need 55,000 for a posotive. If i did not know that i would have let those numbers go too i only noticed cos a friend told me if the docs say that number its good.Oh i also know that b4 i got seen by the doctor who read out the test i think he wanted to go home as he was talking to receptionist who said see how you feel in a few mins, if no better then yes go. I am new to all this, so i am only saying what doctor told me about uterus ect. I do not know how far along i would be in pregnancy but i do not know if those numbers i saw were from my own test or someone elses or maybe have been the right numbers but i saw something that looked close to that but i was not sitting right next to it. Anyway this is really getting to me i feel like im going crazy and dunno what to do
A: Take another urine test for sure. Your doc is mean! I would definitely get a second opinon on those test results. I hope you’re pregnant and no miscarring. Lots of baby dust!
HOW FAR ALONG WOULD I B IF I Conceived ON 1.26.10?
Q: HELP. HOW FAR ALONG WOULD I BE?I realllly want another baby, im 21 and cant wait for the second one!!I knew as soon as I was pregnant with my first that I was pregnant. I feel like that again. I was just wondering, if we conceived on jan 26th, 2010. Am i three weeks pregnant or two weeks? Thank you For the HELP! My ovulation date would have been the 26th!!! I just feel kinda bloated, just really thinking about it. Not to many symptoms yet! also, when can I take a pregnancy test and get a positive result?
A: Pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period. So technically you are “two weeks pregnant” around the time of conception, which would make you three weeks now.You should wait until your period would usually be due (so another week approximately) before testing, as any earlier you will most likely get a negative result which may not be true. The levels of the “pregnancy hormone” which the pregnancy tests detect is not high enough until around that time to show up in a test.Good luck!!! I am nearly 10 weeks pregnant now and we are fairly confident we conceived on my ovulation date!
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