How fast do you get sick when you are pregnant

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Most cases of morning sickness start between the 4th and 6th week of pregnancy and lasts until the 14th to 16th week. [ Source: ]
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How fast do you get sick when you are pregnant
Most cases of morning sickness start between the 4th and 6th week of pregnancy and lasts until the 14th to 16th week.
Is it true that you get sicker faster when pregnant with a girl??
I hope so! My wife is 14 weeks pregnant and has been really really sick. I hate that for her, but I really want a girl. I guess that’s a little selfish…

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Q: My fiance and I have been trying to conceive for over six months now…and have gotten nothing! I am gettin so frustrated! I want to be pregnant more than anything! I have heard that you are supposed to stay laying down after sex to get more sperm to get to your long am I supposed to lay there? and do I need to elevate my legs or anything…is it normal to have a bunch of sperm come out when I go to the bathroom afterwards or is it just me? I have also heard more sperm gets up there if he ejaculates while he is on top? If anybody has any little tricks they know to get pregnant faster…please share…i’m so desperate…I want a baby more than anything and I’m getting sick of getting that frustrating period reminding me that i’m not pregnant every month….I just want those two lines…so someone please give me some advice!! Also how often should I have sex? every day? every other day?
A: It’s crazy…here you are, trying your hardest to get pregnant..and then on Yahoo answers, you see 13 year olds posting questions about how they became pregnant, whether they should or should not have the baby, and how they’re so scared because their parents are going to find out and the kicker is…they weren’t even trying to get pregnant in the first place! It’s almost a joke, really. Just as a little story, My husband and I tried to conceive for a while year. Last year around Thanksgiving time, it finally happened. I think it wasn’t happening for a whole year because I was stressing so much over it. I kept thinking about the baby. I kept counting days, researching my ovulation charts, reading about all kinds of crazy methods to conceive a child. I had baby on the brain. Finally in November last year, I gave up. I had a move to think about. I had to pack things, clothes, furniture…had to get an apartment, start paying new bills with my husband, make a road trip to our new state..things were hectic and I forgot about baby-making, and somewhere around that time, it happened. I think when you are anticipating a child, your body isn’t going to respond only because of how the stress hormones are high even though you don’t know it. And this can even put your cycle off. It sucks, really. I have some really helpful sites for you should check them out:*Find out when you are ovulating:*Side effects of personal lubricants when TTC:*Tips for Conceiving:*Increasing chances of getting pregnant: luck..I know it’s so frustrating…but it will happen. Like I said, we tried for a I am a mom to a beautiful baby who was born in August 2008.
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A: Honestly she probably is because she’s constantly with two males, do you really think they won’t have sex? LOL. The nipples will start to fill up and become larger and on my horse you could feel the “milk vein” along her stomach. here are some sites you should check out.……….…You should also separate her from the males. Especially if you don’t want any troubles as she will be VERY protective of her babies. You also don’t want 5,000 bunnies…
When did you first get morning sickness? How many weeks were you?
Q: I am just coming up to 6weeks pregnant on Sunday and cant believe it happened so fast, It took us just 4 months to conceive. Only I remember when I was pregnant with my son I was as sick as a dog morning, noon and night. So far I haven’t had any sickness, I just feel dizzy spells, I am taking vitamin supplements for pregnant women. And I don’t feel pregnant, I have to keep taking pregnancy tests to make sure.Can you remember how many weeks you were, when you first began to actually be sick.Thanks ladies x
A: First of all, you don’t have to be sick!! Not all women have “morning” sickness, so don’t accept it as fact. Usually, if you’re expecting to be sick, you greatly increases your chances of actually getting sick! To specifically answer your question, I was a little nauseous starting around 7 weeks, but never actually puked, just had an upset stomach. In lasted maybe 2 weeks.Think positively and good luck! 🙂
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