How fertile am I the day before my period

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It is actually very unlikely that you will get pregnant the day before your period; women are nearly infertile on that day. [ Source: ]
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How fertile am I the day before my period
It is actually very unlikely that you will get pregnant the day before your period; women are nearly infertile on that day.
Is a woman fertile two days before period?
No. You are fertile around ovulation (around 3 days before and one day after) and you get your period around 13-15 days after that.
How many days before or after your period is the three-day window…?
Hello there – It depends in each women. In a 28 day cycle, the 14th day of a womans cycle is usually her most fertile time. Day 14 being the highest fertility day. To be sure when your fertile time is, its a good idea to invest in some ovul…

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Missed my period for the month which was expected 2 days before (18th ) – Am i pregnant?
Q: We just tried for a baby 10 -12 days before ( not on my fertile and ovulation days of the month ) and now i have missed my periods? Am i pregnant? Can i take up a card test now? OR how long should i wait to take up a card test or some blood work?
A: If u r sure u dint have sex during ur fertile dayz thn dey r v few chances of gettin pregnant…infact d chances r nil.U r jst 2 dayz late for ur period which may have happ`d due to any reason other than preg…….So jst wait for ur period to turn up….gud luck
How do I know when I am in my fertile days/ovulationg?
Q: I dont know many days my cycle is and I cant use an ovulation calender cause my period is very irregular. So how can I find out when I am in my fertile days? Even before the ovulation day. I need to know since the FIRST day of fertility. Thanks.If the first day of my period was on Oct 25, would I be fertile right now?
A: First of all, you need an ovulation kit. If you want to try old school, than try start counting approximately ten days after your period. Watch your vaginal mucous change. It will be kind of like egg whites when you are most fertile. you will be able to be able to stretch this stuff between two fingers. Also your cervix will be further back in your vagina. It will be open slightly and be really soft. Generally you ovulate around fourteen days after your monthly, but if you are not regular, I recommend an ovulation kit. It can take loads of stress out of it. You can pick them up about anywhere. Even dollar stores have them now. Remember that most sperm have a shelf life inside of the vagina for up to three days if all is well. by meaning that, I mean that your body is in the right phase. I hope that you find this helpful.
Could i get pregnant if i have sex the day before my period?
Q: I am on birth control (the pill) but i get really paranoid about getting pregnant anyways. I will be moving to where my boyfriend lives so i will be having sex more often. The day i get there will be the day before my period usually starts. I dont really understand the whole ovulation thing because it seems that EVERY website says something different. 14 days after your period? or what? and how long does the “most fertile” time last? Im trying to do everything i can to avoid pregancy because i dont wanna drop out of college. My mom got pregnant 6 times (3 were miscarrages) so im guessing i could get pregnant easily too? Or should i just stop being so paraniod?
A: Good job for taking the pill which is great. I know that different places offer different advice as to when you are most fertile and every woman is different, however, although we are all mosre fertile at different stages of our cycles, it is possible to get pregnant at absolutely any stage. the only advice i can give you is to make sure that you are taking your pill as you should and if you want to take extra precautions then you could always ask your boyfriend to wear a condom also.If you take the pill as you should sweetie, you shouldn’t be too worried about pregnancy. Although it does sometimes happen that a pregnancy occurs whilst on the pill it only happens to a very small minority of people.hope that helpsx
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