How is a good way to tell your parents you’re pregnant

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A direct and honest approach is best when delivering difficult news, such as an unplanned pregnancy. Be honest with your parents! [ Source: ]
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What is the best way to tell your parents that you’re pregnant??
It depends on how you think they would take it. If it is a good time in your life for a child, then pretty much however you say it will be fine. If you are not at such a great point to be having a child (if you’re a teenager) then you need …
What is the best way to tell your parents your pregnant when you’…?
“Mom, I know I’m only 13 but I made a bad decision that I sincerely regret which was to have sex. As a consequence of that I became pregnant. I would like you input as to what to do about this. I love you and I know this will change my…

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How would you tell your parents that you’re pregnant?
Q: I have a really good friend who just found out that she’s having a baby. Her parents are super strict, and she’s scared and doesn’t know how to give her parents this news. You see, this girls parents are super strict and every tiny little thing my friend does is a mistake…this time its way more serious though. She needs help on telling her parents and idk how so please if you’re a teen mother can you help me help her?
A: “Mom… Dad…. I’m pregnant”. What other way is there?
How should I tell him he doesn’t turn me on that way anymore?
Q: My fiance and I met on an amateur porn site. It’s something I don’t regret doing… it’s in the past, and it was 2 years ago. Don’t judge me for it, I had good intentions.When I first started talking to him over the phone, I felt so connected with him. It’s was weird, but I liked it. I lived in Missouri at the time, and he lived in Colorado. He decided to buy a plane ticket to Missouri and I picked him up at the airport. Everything was great. And at that time in our relationship he turned me on a heck of a lot.I thought he was the sweetest and cutest guy ever.We’ve been together for a year and a half now, and I’m currently pregnant with his baby.We both were a little too desperate to start a relationship with one another. I just got out of a relationship with someone else 3 weeks before meeting my current man. I wasn’t in any position to start a serious relationship. He was desperate too, he hadn’t been with a girl in 6 months and was just looking to get laid. lolI ended up leaving my family and friends and moved to Colorado to be with him. I moved out here at the beginning of 2008.The first few months, we were like rabbits. Practically inseparable.Our relationship is based on lies. He told me he used to smoke marijuana but had stopped. Little did I know he was doing it behind my back…He still does it, and I don’t care anymore. The only thing that really bugs me is he doesn’t like to be with me anymore. He’s always hanging out with his friends, without me.My fiance thinks I’m really annoying… I guess it’s because I ask him questions, like “where you going” or “when will you be back”, etc.I have a right to know!He’s got to make some serious changes before our baby girl gets here in September! His mother and I have talked about all of this before. She’s the one who noticed we were drifting apart. She said that if he’s still like this when the baby comes, then I just need to head back to Missouri without him.It’s sad, but I think I’m gonna have to do that! I miss my family anyway. And my fiance won’t really allow me to make my own friends out here. The only friends I have out here are HIS friends… and they’re pot heads, so I don’t feel like I’m friends with em.I’ve been out here for a year and a half. I’ve been filling out about 5 applications a week to different types of places. Still no calls back or anything.He hasn’t even tried looking for a job. He spends his days hanging at his friends’ houses smoking pot all day. Then coming home late at night while I’m asleep. Then he just stays up on his computer looking at porn.He’ll occasionally complain to me that our sex life sucks. That’s not fair to me though, because I’ve tried to spice it up. It’s kind of hard to do extremely sexy things when you’re living in your fiances’ parents house.I still love him, I know I do! But he’s got some changing to do! I don’t know how to sit him down and tell him all the things I feel though. He’ll just accuse me of complaining about everything.I think I have a right to… I’m living a bullshit life that I don’t want to live anymore. I still want him to be in my life, but he’s got to change.How should I tell him to do so?
A: Honey, I read the entire thing, and judgements aside, you will never change a boy. Every girl wants to be that girl that changes the guy, it will NOT happen. You either take him as he is or find someone else.
Opinions on abortions.Adoptions or Abortions? I might be pregnant and I don’t know what to do. Help!?
Q: I am 18 years and I still stay at home with my mom. My boyfriend lives with me too. Well I think I may be pregnant but I’m still not sure I have yet to take a pregnancy test. My problem is that if I am pregnant I don’t know what to do. I don’t want judgment from anyone about abortion because I myself am pro-choice. A lot of people say adoption but I’ve heard from a lot of women that its harder to give up a baby after you’ve carried it for 9 months. Although there a lot of people that can’t have children, you don’t know if the people you’re giving the baby to will be treat them well. There have been a lot of cases where babies are given up for adoption and been put into abusive households or not treated all that well. There are cases where children have grown up, looked for their real parents and had resentment because their parents gave them away and then they see their parents later on with other children raising them and loving them but not the one they gave away because they couldn’t afford the baby or whatever the reason. So this child doesn’t feel they belong anywhere and they feel worthless because their parents gave them up as kids and their whole life they spent wondering who they really were and who their parents really were. Not the people who was raising them, no matter how loving they are. People want to know. I don’t really like abortion but sometimes I wonder whats better, having an abortion early in the pregnancy where a child has not formed yet or going all through pregnancy, getting attached to the baby and making it harder to give it up though you cant afford it, giving the baby up for adoption, putting them in a home with people you hope will take good care but not exactly sure and having them feel like they don’t belong because they don’t know who they really are and after they find out their adopted, wonder why their parents gave them away and probably have resentment. I don’t believe in abortions if the child has actually developed in a human being inside of a person but i do believe that if it is a seed and has not formed yet that its okay because it didn’t develop into a person yet. I just want opinions on that whole situation. I’m not really into adoption because I feel that if I’m going to have a baby and its too late I’d rather raise it on my own then have someone else raise it. If its my baby, I carried it for 9 months then I’m keeping it. So tell me your opinions people. Think about women that’s been raped, whose traumatized and have to carry a baby they don’t want from a stranger who abused and hurt them, or the woman who is already in an abusive marriage to a man who doesn’t want children, or a girl who will be kicked out of her parents house and not be able to take care of her baby the way that she wants to, and the baby who was given up for reasons they don’t know why and wonder who they are their whole life because they don’t know where they fit in. And I can say to them giving them up because you cant afford it won’t be a valid reason for them. I’ve had a lot friends who were foster kids and adopted and had resentment for not being with their real parents because they were given up and they hate the people who gave them away.Well it has come to the conclusion that I am pregnant, i took a pregnancy test today and I appreciate all of your opinions, for or against abortion because you’re opinions matter, as of now i’m still not sure what to do because I know my mom told me that she would kick me out if i am pregnant and now i am stuck with the most hardest decision i can ever make. I love babies and i just don’t know what to do with any of this, i dont want to be a murderer but i also don’t want someone else raising my blood, the person i created. I know my mother will be so disappointed in me, my whole family will be too because all of my cousins have had teenage pregnancies and i was supposed to be the last one to be in this situation. I feel so ashamed, what am i going to do? please people help me, i really need advice now.
A: I am for abortion but only in current aspects. I don’t think that a parent should be able to abort the child without probable causesAdoption is probably the toughest thing that a mother could do. But it is a great program, only if the adoptive parents are qualified individuals, meaning financially, mentally, physically and emotionally.But if you are pregnant than that is a decision that you and the baby’s father will have to decide. Just remember that things happen for a reason… Good luck
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